February 14, 2024-Happy Valentine's Day

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  • This morning when everyone woke up their Valentine's gifts were laid out on the table. Everyone had candy plus the three big kids had some money while the three littles had a gift-one they had picked out (Campbell a boot for her water bottle, Keaton mascara, and Whitman had magnets).
  • Robby even had laid out my calendar on the table by all of the gifts. I get a calendar every year since they end in February. He got his fancy gift of two lemonhead boxes as well.
  • We did our school work this morning. Graham did come in the house after I thought that they had left for work-Robby had the suburban and was headed back so they had to wait a minute on him. She didn't mind though since today was her Sonic drink day. 
  • I walked Bentley before I did spelling with Whitman today-changing it up a little bit! Today's big afternoon activity for me was having Anderson, Keaton, and Whitman help me sample a recipe for Camp Geyer. It was just chocolate chip cookies, but they are individual cookies. This recipe won't work to make with 30 kiddos because in needs an egg yolk which we could prepare before hand, but it is also too much. I have found another recipe that we will try maybe tomorrow. 
  • When Reagan and Graham made it home from their work, she left again with Campbell and Keaton. She leads a D group before church, but Campbell and Keaton just like to be there early to hang out. The boys and I left a little bit later-I actually took a shower and lost track of time so I had to scurry around getting myself ready.
  • Church was wild tonight with lots of activities, but that is a good thing because it makes the evening go by quickly. Campbell, Keaton, and Anderson went to ChickFilA afterwards tonight while the rest of us came home to eat some pasta that Robby had ready for us. 
  • Now I'm on the couch and don't plan to move for a good little bit!

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