February 25, 2024

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  • I felt like I was getting up a little bit earlier this Sunday morning, and I guess that I did; however, I was still scrambling around. Reagan zoomed in about 4 minutes before we left, and we all made it out the door about on time.
  • Of course, us leaving on time now means that we are early to big church. The kids enjoy being able to have time to see their friends, and Robby and I enjoy getting to sit quietly for a few minutes before everything starts.
  • After church, we all went to our Sunday school classes. We didn't have a ton of time this morning with just our little class, so that made it go by fairly quickly. Then we found all of our people and headed to Grannymom's house for her birthday lunch.
  • Graham drove the suburban with Robby. He has his license and all, but he doesn't get many chances to drive. Of course, he did fine. At Grannymoms, we had pizza and oreo delight. Reagan left to go and check on Annie so Graham went back with her. The rest of us stayed a bit longer, and then headed home ourselves.
  • At home, I did some research and a bit of panicking. I was gifted some sour dough starter today at church so I am trying to learn what to do with it! Soon though it was time for our people go their different places.
  • Anderson and Graham left first to go to Rock Creek. Then Reagan left with Keaton-they each went to different life groups and thankfully Reagan was able to drop Keaton off. Then Robby and I took Campbell to her life group. Keaton and Campbell were just visiting different life groups tonight, but that did mean that Robby and I had to stay out the whole time to pick them both up. 
  • We didn't get home until after the boys, but I am glad that they all want to go to church things, and I am glad that we have a few different options for everyone. While Robby and I were out, we ran to Walmart and then we stopped to pick up some bread sticks at US Pizza. We used to eat those breadsticks all of the time, and they sure were good tonight.
  • Now Reagan is the only one still out, and the rest of us have found our normal evening spots so the house is fairly quiet except for Graham occasionally screaming at his xbox.

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