February 2, 2024

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  • I spent most of my morning sewing a sweater-Reagan has a sweater that is pretty long so she asked me the other night if I would be able to shorten it. After a little bit of research I determined that it is possibly to cut and resew together a sweater.
  • The plan was to be able to sew it all back together with the sewing machine-that didn't work for me. I have a different foot on my sewing machine now, but also sweater fabric may be more difficult to sew. 
  • Anyway, I only tried on the sewing machine once before decided that sewing it by hand wasn't too difficult. I would sew until my string ran out, and then take a break and come back for more. Once that was done, I felt that it really needed me to do another stitch around it again just for good measure.
  • This was all good, and I think it will work. However, the sweater is still really fraying-now, I don't know if it will just a little bit and then stop or if it will continue to fray, so today when we were out, I bought some no fray stuff which I am trying on a spot tonight. 
  • If that works or if it doesn't, I still think that overall, I did a decent job, and the sweater is wearable. Now, the band of the sweater which we moved up was smaller than the place where we moved it, so it is pretty gathered there which might be different for her.
  • Just like my blog so far has just been about the sweater, my days the last few days have been all about the sweater. Hopefully tomorrow, the fray stuff will be deemed a success so I can do it all over the sweater and most importantly be done with the project. 
  • Around noon Campbell decided to make a breakfast casserole. Robby had a mystery shop, so we went to eat BBQ, and I ran into Hobby Lobby to get the sweater fraying stuff (see, it has been all about the sweater).
  • We also ran to Sams to pick up a few of their monthly deals. Later tonight we ran some errands with the Wilsons and ended up at Costco to pick up their monthly deals. We also stopped at Kroger, Target, Crumble, Chickfila, and Whataburger. We were picking up the kids suppers so they were some pretty hungry people by the time that we did get home tonight.
  • The Wilsons stayed for a bit and visited. When they went home, Graham, Keaton, and I watched the end of a basketball game while Robby worked on his mystery shop report.

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