February 9, 2024

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  • This was kind of a slow day for me-the last few Fridays, I haven't had much to do since we are done with school. Just typing that caused me to stop and ask Anderson and Graham if they actually did their last little bit of school today. (I doubt they remembered, and I sure didn't even remember to remind them.)
  • My plan today was to finish three things from my list and then sit down and read some. I know I've mentioned it before but the silly library system's internet is down-no checking out books. I'm almost in crisis mode around here! Tomorrow I may have to find a different hobby like cleaning! Ugh!
  • I made some sugar cookie dough for Sunday night and worked on some school things for Reagan, but other than the day went by quickly. Reagan left to run to Sonic with some friends in the late afternoon. 
  • When she came home, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, and Keaton were waiting in the car for her. She changed shirts and grabbed her Bible, and they headed to Rock Creek for Life Group weekend. I think that they all had fun this evening, and they all came in chatty so that is always a good sign.
  • While they were gone, Robby, Whitman, and I ran to Hobby Lobby, Sams, and Crumble-we picked up the Wilsons while we were out, and they came back to our house to eat some cookies with us for a bit.
  • Now, Robby and I are watching a show and I'm doing a little bit of online shopping.

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