February 6, 2024

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  • I had the little three up early this morning so we could do our reading together. When we finished reading, I jumped up to make sure that the big boys were and imagine my surprise to see that both Anderson and Graham were awake already. 
  • Reagan only has one class on Tuesdays, but she skipped it today. And she also skipped work since she thought she was going to have to be on a phone call for school-I think she is enjoying a lighter schedule this semester.
  • Whitman finished his school work around 11:30 so once he his done with school, then so am I. Anderson and Graham still had a little bit left to do, but I don't have to sit around and help them. Though poor Whitman, he didn't even realize that I made him do 2 extra things today-I'm going to catch this boy up! He is already getting so much better in handwriting and spelling, now I just have to increase his speed in math.
  • I did some reading while I ate my lunch. Then I helped Graham make breakfast quesadillas for his supper. I guess that I need to make some more breakfast burritos because we are all out of the ones in the freezer. 
  • After lunch the kids started on chores, and I walked Bentley. When I came home, everyone but Reagan were heading outside for a game of football. I am not sure how long it lasted because I read for a bit and then couldn't keep my eyes opened.
  • When the came in, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman, Reagan, and I played a game for a few minutes. Then I started on supper-I tried an air fryer chicken thing which was good but possibly overdone.
  • Robby and I then ran to Walmart to pick up Keaton's walmart order. Then we went on to Kroger to buy a few things..including some Ben and Jerry's ice cream for us! Shhh! Don't tell the kids! 

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