February 22, 2024

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  • Keaton didn't feel great last night so I decided to let her and my other early morning learners sleep for a little bit longer. Whitman was already awake but I didn't make him start on his school work until 9 which was still earlier than usual. 
  • I then woke up Campbell at 9, but let Keaton sleep until 9:30. She is a little sniffly, but she has gone strong all day long so I think she definitely on the mend. Graham was up next, and Anderson had requested that I wake him up at 10 since he only had two things left of school to do today.
  • We all finished school work, and then I left with Campbell and Keaton. I had a check up so I ran there while Keaton and Campbell stayed in the car. While those girls were sitting there, they joined a few rewards programs. When we left, we went to Kum and Go across the street where Campbell left with a free pizza and Keaton left with a free chocolate croissant.
  • We then met up with Dana for some yogurt-this was the main reason that the girls came! Well, Keaton doesn't eat ice cream, so she just had me get her some candy on my ice cream. Then we ran to pick up a free coke for them before meeting Robby at Kroger for gas.
  • After we left him, we went to Costco to pick up a chicken. I quietly came in the house and went to work on the soup that needed the chicken. I had to do it quietly because I didn't want Graham coming downstairs and eating all of my chicken. 
  • Reagan went to work while everyone else went outside to play some football. While they did that, I worked on giving Bentley a bath and a haircut. I wanted her to look nice since today is her gotcha day-we picked her up 3 years ago today.
  • They came inside just before it rained. Anderson made some pudding, and we were about to play a game when Robby's Sam's order was ready. So Keaton, Robby, and I ran to Walmart and Sams. We made it home right after Reagan. I made grilled cheese for my non soup eaters (Anderson and Whitman) and the rest of us ate tonight's soup-it was like ChickFilA's chicken tortilla soup and was delicious. 
  • The big boys are outside playing now while I am looking at school for next year!

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