February 12, 2024

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  • I didn't sleep well last night so I was a bit sluggish getting up, but Whitman sure was not. He was downstairs sitting in front of the heater before I even walked through with my laundry. I was able to hurry through my early chores and start school on time.
  • I had thought that I had to go with Robby late this morning when he had to take the white van for new tires so that is the reason I was scurrying through my morning chores. I felt like I was given my morning back when I found out that he wasn't planning for me to go with him. 
  • We did our school work this morning. I find it interesting that Whitman sets a time goal for himself and then tries his best to finish his school work by then. Today's math was easier for him so that did help. 
  • Even though he was done early, he never wants to do spelling with me until after lunch though. So today we didn't get much done because Robby was on his way home with Whitman's mystery shop lunch so I had to cut my spelling tasks short when his lunch arrived.
  • Graham and Reagan went back to work today after a pretty long break. I think that they were glad to be back at work-I know that Graham was since he has his eye on a few things to buy. This afternoon I was pretty useless-I had intended to take Bentley on a walk, but it was so dark and dreary out that I didn't.
  • I ended up playing a game with Keaton, Campbell, and Anderson right before Reagan and Graham came home. Then we pulled out the leftovers and everyone ate supper-we were able to get rid of a few of our leftover pans, but not too many! Maybe tomorrow.
  • Robby and I are now on the couch watching our show while I am searching for school books to buy for next year.

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