February 18, 2024

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  • It is certainly nice when all of my little chicks are back in the nest. Everyone is home tonight which makes me happy. Now, I am not sure how well Whitman is liking having to share his bedroom again though.
  • I worked in worship care this morning-there was a tiny visitor baby that wasn't too happy so I spent the whole time in the hallway bouncing the baby. It did make things go by quickly for sure. Then it was on to Sunday school where we had people crying about lollipops! There weren't a ton of first graders so that also made Sunday school fly be quickly. 
  • Robby had already seen our Big Chill kids and helpers. Reagan and Campbell did the offering up in his section. We found everyone and then all headed to Nonna's house for our Sunday lunch. They had ham and cheese croissants which was requested by Keaton or Campbell. We ate over there, and then we didn't stay too long because my crew needed a nap.
  • Everyone in this house, except for Whitman, went right to sleep this afternoon. Graham, Keaton, and Campbell intended to go to Rock Creek tonight, but they were all too tired to do that so they stayed home. I had my nap too, but I also worked on 3 loads of laundry.
  • We then ate our Sunday night supper at the Wilson's house. The kids stayed for a little bit, but they soon headed back home leaving the adults time to visit. We came home a bit early so I could work on some more laundry before putting these people in bed-they are exhausted and some of them are quiet grumpy!

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