February 1, 2024

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  • On this very first day of February, we did our last day of school for the week-well, kind of. All of the boys have a little bit of school to do tomorrow. I didn't give them school for tomorrow; they just didn't get it all done this week, but that is what our Fridays are for.
  • We didn't have a lot of reading to do this morning, so we were finished with that early. I did eventually just go upstairs and stare at Anderson until he got out of his bed. Graham had already made himself eggs this morning before he started his school work.
  • Everyone did their school work while I pulled out school for next week. That is a task that never seems to end-oh, it is less each year, but still I shuffle a lot of papers getting things ready for each week.
  • I spent a good deal of the afternoon reading. I did take Bentley on a walk, and I made cinnamon bread with Whitman. It is a recipe that I make at least once a year. It is good and all, but really the top is what is good while the rest is not really that good.
  • Reagan was the only one that left the house during the day-she had class and then she had work. The big boys had a basketball game tonight, so Keaton and Whitman joined us to watch that game. 
  • Those boys came back and almost won this game as well. They just lost by 1, and Graham made a three so that was fun for him. I think this was their highest scoring game.
  • We came home and settled on the couch to watch a little bit of tv before bed. Campbell joined us watching our show tonight; I think that she has watched all the tv that she can today since one of her tv shows released a new series today.

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