February 5, 2024

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  • I waited until the very last minute to wake up this morning since I knew I didn't have any dishes to unload from the dishwasher. It is rare, but some Sundays I get lucky, and we use hardly any dishes. Yesterday was one of those days so I had 5 extra minutes of sleep this morning.
  • Now, since we didn't use many dishes yesterday, we did use a lot of clothes. I am not really sure how that works, but that is how it was today: so, so many clothes to fold.
  • We did the school thing this morning, and Whitman finished fairly early so I was able to move on to some of my things to do. He did start the area and circumference of a circle in math so that slowed him down some-though I did let him use a calculator on half of the problems. 
  • I walked Bentley this afternoon, and soon afterwards Reagan came home from her thing at Ouachita. She had fun: they put together a prothetic hand, bought a sweatshirt, did a case study about something about Mt. Everest, and even took pictures of a dorm room to help in the fall. 
  • After heating about her visit, the boys, Robby, and I went to get our hair cut. Well, Robby didn't get his hair cut, but the rest of us did. Then we had a few stops on the way home-ha!
  • stop 1: Freddys-for Graham to go to the bathroom and for me to pick up a free birthday ice cream.
  • stop 2: Sonic-mystery shop (Anderson supper)
  • stop 3: Burger King-used a coupon to buy a few of us food (Whitman and me supper)
  • stop 4: Sonic-mystery shop (Graham supper)
  • stop 5: McDonalds-food for the rest of us (Robby, Campbell, and Keaton supper) (If you are keeping count, Reagan didn't want any thing for supper).
  • I passed on stop 6-running to the library to pick up some books. I have some more coming so I will pick them up when the others arrive.  So, it did take quite a while for us to get home-so long that once we made it, I had myself a nap. Well, if you can count a 10 minute nap as an actual nap. 
  • Campbell had made cookies while we were gone, and now we are watching a show before it is bedtime.

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