February 24, 2024

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  • When Robby and I woke up this morning, we headed to Walmart so we both could do some shopping. I needed to buy things for my Operation Christmas Child boxes-yes, I'm doing those now. And Robby had some deals that he was picking up. He ran all over the store filling his cart while I ran over the store filling my cart-actually, no one's cart was full by any means, but we sure did our shopping separately.
  • Then we went to Costco, and we did stay together there at least. Our first stop was for a chocolate chip cookie. We enjoyed that treat before moving on to try the samples. Now, we were surprised because almost all of the samples today were drinks-that wasn't any fun at all. 
  • We hurried home and had a bit of downtime before we all left again for Grannymom's birthday party. Grandpa's 80th birthday party was about 12 years ago, and I vividly remember Anderson crying because he didn't want to wear fancy clothes. (He had to wear kahki short and a polo, but spend a good bit of the party playing with his cousin in the dirt pile.) Twelve years later, I still had boys complaining about having to wear church clothes. (Anderson would want me to clarify him that he was not the one complaining today though.)
  • Everyone looked nice though so it was worth their trouble (which wasn't really any). Grannymom's birthday party was at The Cove where we and all of her friends had coffee and yogurt. It was a great spot for a party, and Dana had everything perfect.
  • After the party, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman, and I went to Academy. We found Whitman some shoes that fit-the cheaper pair didn't have the size that he needed so we ended up buying the more expensive pair.
  • Then we had to wait in one certain line because we were also picking up shoes that Keaton had ordered. Our line went to slow-like we thought about just sitting down on the floor while we were waiting. We finally did get to the front, and Whitman's shoes were on sale so that was great.
  • When we did get to the car, Keaton tried on her shoes, and they were so the wrong size so that was not great. She and I went into the store to just see if we could find the right size to order. We could not find the shoe anywhere in the store. I don't know how they had one last night there when we ordered it, but didn't have any there today. Did we buy the last shoe that looked just like that? Who knows? 
  • Anyway, she tried on another shoe so we do know her size. I decided when we got back to the car, that I should just return the shoes that we had just bought. I had originally thought that I would just wait until we bought new ones, but by this time I knew she was going to have trouble finding them again.
  • So after my third trip into Academy, we finally headed home. By the time that we got home, Robby had already made pancakes, sausage, eggs and bacon for supper. The kids all ate, and then we headed to the boys' basketball game.
  • Reagan is house sitting so she was down the road, so Whitman just stayed at home and skipped out on the games. Anderson and Graham's team is just consistent-they lose by about 2 every game. They played hard today, and both of them scored a few points, but gracious, their team just has some bad luck-but I think that they do have fun. 
  • People are showering now at  home and finding snacks-I think that I could go right to bed, and I just might.!

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