February 20, 2024

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  • This morning went by like most lately-chores, reading, school. Anderson, Graham, and I went to take their test so they can take concurrent classes in the fall. Anderson passed-I will say that he surprisingly passed because every time that he took a practice test, he did abysmally. 
  • I thought that Graham would pass, but his score was just 3 points from what he needs to pass so if he would have gotten one more question correct, he probably would have passed. I was super pleased that Graham was so close. I have already scheduled the test again for in two weeks-we don't have time to delay because as soon as he finishes this test, he has to take the math portion. 
  • When I came home, quite a few of us played a game-Whitman picked out his favorite game Dope or Nope. As we played, I organized the battery boxes. Then I walked the dog for a bit before settling into my chair to read some.
  • Keaton did make a cheese cake this afternoon so that will be our evening dessert. Reagan was at work this afternoon when all the other kids went out to play football for a long while. I am always surprised that Whitman willingly goes outside to play football. Anderson is really good at including him though.
  • For supper tonight, we had a pasta dish-Reagan made it home early so we all ate together. Whitman and Campbell are excited tonight because some of our new shows will be on the tv-but unfortunately, we will have to deal with commercials which I know will disappoint Campbell!

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