February 21, 2024

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  • It was a fairly normal morning for all of us. Whitman was awake before any of the rest of us, and Anderson and Graham woke up without any me having to wake them up a second time. We did our morning school work, and then people started making lunches and leaving for work.
  • Reagan and Graham went to work, and Graham had to go to a photo shoot so he had to dress up a bit. Poor kid was stressed about what to wear and even had me pick out his shirt. He ended up looking super nice-maybe he should dress up a little more than just on Sundays.
  • I had a shower and then soon this afternoon Robby and I left. We ran to Kroger to pick up one sale item, and then we went to our eye doctor's appointment. Years ago, we scheduled them at the same time, and they have been together ever since. Neither one of our prescriptions changed so that was a good thing.
  • We then came home, and I did a few things but then it was time to leave for church. Reagan didn't have her dgroup tonight so she opted to go at the normal time which left Keaton and Campbell beside themselves because they wanted to arrive to church early. To help them out, I left at 5 (only about 10 minutes earlier than usual for me.) Anderson came with me and both of us sat in the car for a little bit before going into the church house.
  • Everyone did church tonight, and then we all headed home-well, the ChickFilA crew headed there while the rest of us came home for English Muffin pizzas. Whitman wasn't to sure about the pizzas, since he had never heard the term English muffin.
  • Now I'm cuddled up under my blanket watching a tv show because tomorrow is another busy day around here.

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