February 27, 2024

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  • Whitman was the first one awake this morning, but I was fairly close behind him. I do believe that I heard him come down the stairs or into the kitchen; however, I didn't worry about him having fallen down the stairs though today. 
  • I let the big boys sleep for a little bit, but I woke up Keaton and Campbell so we could start on school. My thought was that if I let Anderson sleep some that would help heal his ankle. They do say sleep is good for so many things, and I guess it worked since he was able to play in the basketball game tonight.
  • We did all of the school things, and I even had a chance to feed my sourdough starter this morning. I really still don't know what I am doing with it, but I did use some of the extra to make some crackers today. They were edible but not re-makeable. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to start the bread process. 
  • When Keaton finished school this morning she worked most of a puzzle. Campbell helped some and Anderson came along after lunch with them, and they all finished it together. I think that I am going to have to start looking for a bit larger piece puzzles since the ones we have borrowed from Grannyom are just taking them about an hour to do.
  • Reagan had her class today where she gave her speech, and then she was home for a bit before she left again for work. She hadn't been home for too long before the rest of us left for the boys' last basketball game.
  • We saw the "coach" from the other team warming up with his players; except imagine our surprise when their "coach" was just a player. While they lined up for tip off, Anderson walked over to the man and asked, "how old are you?" He said that he was 18, but he must have been an old 18-old enough to have a full beard!
  • Thankfully, the other team was pretty pushy, but they were also pretty sloppy. We started the game up by 5, but soon were down by 10. However, our boys ended up winning by 2. Anderson took 2 charges knocking him on the ground each time. Both boys scored some points, and my favorite part was when Graham passed the ball to Anderson who scored. Our maybe my favorite part was when our shortest player, who is smaller than Keaton, was guarding the man sized player.
  • When we came home, the boys showered and the rest of us caught up on our tv shows.

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