February 7, 2024

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  • On Wednesdays it is super hard for me to get up because I feel like we are in a rut and constantly doing the same thing over and over (we are.) Now, tomorrow should be easier to get up because I know that it is the last day of school which makes me happy. 
  • This was a good school day though. Graham and Reagan haven't had work in a few days so that gives him plenty of time to get his school work done which he enjoys. My big boys are getting better at writing for sure this semester, and I am already planning things for the fall for everyone. Reagan doesn't do much with me for school anymore, but it will be different without her here.
  • I snuck even more work into Whitman's pile today-he, he! Don't tell him though because he still finished early. I have a pile of extra things that I want for him to work on, and I'm just stubborn enough to make sure that it all gets done.
  • I actually ended up next to Whitman on the couch for a little bit today. He was so cuddly that I could have taken a nap if he didn't get up and leave. Well, then I actually did end up taking a nap there for a bit. I then had to hurry to take Bentley on a walk and then have a shower before church.
  • I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I was drying my hair and only had 10 minutes to go before we needed to leave. We weren't able to go to the library today because their system is down, and I wouldn't be able to check out my books from the book locker-that is getting scary because I only have one book left.
  • We all did the church thing tonight, and Campbell and Anderson went to ChickFilA on the way home, but Robby had pizza ready for the rest of us. We are now watching tv while I'm working on things for next school year. 

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