February 17, 2024

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  • Let's see, for a fairly non productive Saturday, Robby and I have been busy. When we did wake up, Whitman was still asleep. He eventually came downstairs-not too long ago he slept in his room by himself for the first time, and last night was probably the first time that he slept upstairs without any other siblings up there. You are rarely alone when you are the sixth.
  • Robby and I left him alone for some errands-first we walked around Costco and bought a few things-sweatpants for the big boys, bread, and dried strawberries because they were on sale (Whit and I didn't like them so here's hoping that the girls do.)
  • Then Robby dropped me off at the library-since the library's system has been hacked, I can't do by interlibrary loan where they pick the books up for me and take them to my library. So last night I wrote down all the books I needed/wanted, and then made a list of what library they were at and their location in the library.
  • Robby went to Kroger to do some shopping-now, he found his hobby today. His shopping consisted of buying a variety of items to get the deals. Some things were free, some things made money, and some just cost a little bit. It was a game to him, and he was pleased that everything worked.
  • I knew I would be at the library for a while, but with my notes I didn't have any problems finding the books that I needed. Then I started just looking for fun books. Soon my basket was so heavy, that I would just have to set it down on the floor instead of hold it.
  • We then ran home for a little bit where I read some and Robby worked on another round of deals. Later in the afternoon we went to Walmart. I took off with my buggy and he went the other way with his. I am going to a favorite things party so I had to find some of my favorite things-that was super fun. My budget was small-but I went over a bit! Shh! 
  • Robby was on the other side of the store finding his deals so it was fine that I went over. We then had to hurry so we could get to another library for me to go in and pick up books there. They did give me the stink eye when I walked in 10 minutes before they closed. I just had 3 books to grab and walked right to them all so I was out in plenty of time.
  • Then we picked up pizza for the boy and headed home. Robby had to work on his receipts so he did that after we ate. In the past 11 days we have had 22 mystery shops to the same fast food place so having pizza was a treat! 
  • Whitman has had his Saturday night shower, and I will probably have my Saturday night ice cream pretty soon. 
  • I have heard nothing from the other kids today. Graham did text me around 12:20 and said that they were just leaving the church house. His group stayed and played a nerf gun war with the boys that were spending the night at the church. 
  • Reagan is staying at a house on Lawson, Keaton and Anderson are at two different houses but are almost right next door to each other. I did see a picture that Keaton's group worked at a school today for her service project. But other than that, there have been few pictures and few reports. I was able to snag a few pictures today from last weeks Life Group Weekend at Rock Creek.

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