February 15, 2024

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  • We did our morning thing this morning with everyone working on their school work. Thursdays are always a little bit more hectic for me because I also pull out everyone's school work for next week. 
  • This is the first week that the library's internet problems has messed us up. I plan ahead about 2 weeks and request books from the library, but there internet has been done for at least that long so I haven't been getting my requested books. This affected my reading, but today I realized that this is going to mess up next week's school some as well. Things like that just make me crazy!
  • Maybe because I was pulling out school work today, I somehow finished my things later than usual. Keaton and Campbell were even waiting on me for us to leave this afternoon. Campbell drove me us to Dollar General. She did pretty good-actually, very good for not having driven in a long while. Really anytime that I don't have to scream, hold on, or reach for the steering wheel, I consider it a good drive.
  • We then went to Bath and Body Works because I had some coupons expiring. Campbell and Keaton had gift cards-they bought themselves candles while I used my coupons to buy a hostess gift for someone. 
  • We then hurried home, and I debated working on my list. However, I opted to read for a bit. Robby had a work supper that he went to, so Whitman and I made a second batch of cookies to test them out for Camp Geyer. I needed a cookie recipe that just makes one cookie-and today we found the winner. It is using tiny amounts of everything: 1/8 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp milk-but it worked and was delicious!
  • Then I used the leftover empanada filling that we had made for the Super Bowl to make taquitos for everyone. I forget that Reagan was at work so the kids ate them all so I had to make her one with refried beans and cheese, but she also supplemented that with some leftover pasta.
  • The boys had a basketball game at 9 tonight-they lost once again, but for the third game, they were just one point from winning. It was a fun game and our cheering section is always large.
  • Everyone around here is busy packing for the weekend-I have to get 5 sleeping bags from the camper in the morning so folks can finish packing!

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