February 16, 2024

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  • Fridays are a lot slower around here, but I did pretty much complete my list by lunch time. I even took Bentley on a walk so early in the day that she had a bit too much energy for me and almost pulled my arm out of the socket! 
  • I did work with Whitman a minute on spelling today-and I have even been having him do a 6th grade math page from another homeschool program each day. It was free plus it sure won't hurt. 
  • Reagan and Graham headed off to work and were home about 12 minutes later. Reagan didn't read a text from early this morning saying that didn't have to come in today because everyone was gone. I'm not sure they found this as comical as I did, but it was good for both of them because it made them get up and finish all of their things before they did leave for work.
  • The other three spent their afternoon packing and getting ready for Big Chill. This was Keaton's first and Campbell's last. They meet together at church throughout the weekend but stay at people's houses. Reagan and Anderson are working with the middle schoolers as leaders while Graham's grade is a part of the production team for the event. 
  • That just means that Whitman is here with us this weekend. He does stay by himself some, but really a sixth child is rarely alone. Robby had a few mystery shops tonight-3 fast food ones and one dinner that we went to tonight, but since all of the others were going to be gone, Whit hung out Grannymom and Grandpa tonight while we ran our errands.
  • The kids made it to church tonight and are still there. I'll track all of them later (well, the big 3 because Campbell and Keaton can't have their phones). Robby is doing some work while Whitman is enjoying his Sonic drink-perks of being an only child. And I think that I am going to try to read some of my book-except it is a little bit dark in here so I might have to have Whitman turn on the lights for me-the downfall of being the only child!

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