February 19, 2024

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  • It was a little bit difficult for me to get out of the bed this Monday morning. However, I knew that I had just half a load of laundry to fold since I had done it all last night, and I didn't have any dishes to empty from the dishwasher so I still was able to start school pretty much on time.
  • I read with the littles and then woke up the boys so they could start on their school work. Tomorrow they have the Accuplacer test-Anderson has writing while Graham has reading. I'm actually not looking forward to seeing their scores. That is okay though because they have plenty of time to take this test (They need it to take concurrent classes in the fall.) We have been practicing, but I'm just not sure what exactly is going to happen.
  • After we finished school, I had Whitman and Keaton help me make chocolate chip biscuits. I think that they turned out pretty good, but I will try again. They are one of my "resolution recipes"-a recipe that I want to figure out how to make and make well. I only have 4 recipes to work on and hope that I have enough time to figure at least some of them out.
  • We then delivered two of those biscuits plus Pops' sock of the month to Nonna and Pops' house. Campbell drove us most of the way there. She did really pretty good, but she was happy to drive the speed limit today. It is odd that when she is going near the speed limit, it feels like we are flying, but when I drove home I noticed that I exceed the speed limit and don't feel terrified! 
  • Once we came home, I helped Reagan with her speech for a little bit and then I wrote down a list of about 20 different hikes in Arkansas hikes that I would like to take. 
  • Reagan and Graham tried to go to work, but their bosses were sick so they weren't able to work. Anderson did work at Raymar for about an hour this afternoon. We picked up supper at ChickFilA since if we ordered something on the app, then you eventually get a free milkshake. We, yep, all 7 of us ordered something even though Anderson isn't eating ice cream and Keaton doesn't like ice cream-at least one of us will eat that milkshake.
  • Now, I'm sitting on the couch and am about to begin another book, but otherwise it is pretty quiet around here tonight.

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