February 23, 2024

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  • I slept quite a while this morning, and then I had to get up and start my daily chores. Now on Fridays I spice things up and do something fun between my regular chores. Honestly, my "fun" things probably don't sound fun to anyone else-but they are to me. Robby though does make fun of my because all of my fun things are usually things that don't really need to be done yet-like I was working on something for Christmas today.
  • The kids were all slow to wake up this morning. Graham was the first one up because he usually takes a shower before going to work. Then as soon as I noticed Whitman, I did spelling with him. I did just do a little bit which made him happy.
  • Now even though I was productive this morning, I really didn't do one of the main things on my list today-clean the kitchen. I have now decided that I am going to wait on the maid to come and do that for me or maybe a kid will do it. Ha! Anderson did take our little kitchen rug and shake it out outside today so maybe there is hope!
  • Reagan and Graham went to work, and really no one did anything around here this afternoon. It was very quiet. Keaton did make a huge batch of cookies, and it took her a while to bake them all. 
  • This evening, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, Robby, and I went to eat at Tacos for Life. We ran into Kroger first to buy more English muffins. Then we ate and picked up pizza for Graham and Whitman on the way home. Reagan had our Tacos for Life leftovers. 
  • Now, the big boys are playing basketball outside, Reagan just had a shower, Whitman is on the couch beside me, Campbell is in the bonus room, and Keaton is in her bedroom-it is turning out to be a pretty quiet Friday night.

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