February 28, 2024

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  • This Wednesday was kind of quiet. We woke up and did school-hmm, I think the only thing exciting was that I cleaned my earrings this morning! Ha! Things haven't been too exciting this week, and for that I am very thankful.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work at noon, and around 2 Robby saw that Reagan had just completed a drive. I guess that they wanted Sonic while at work so she picked it up and delivered it to everyone. I hope they know how good of a job that they have-going and getting drinks on company time.
  • The afternoon was kind of quiet-Campbell did drive me to Nonna's house, well, she drove me most of the way. Lawson still feels super busy, but she is improving and really, I should have let her drive home from the library. 
  • When we came home, I read for a bit and then had a shower before I left first for church. I don't need to be there early, but Campbell and Keaton feel the need to be there early. Graham came early too since he didn't want to come with Reagan who left 20 minutes later. 
  • Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA tonight after church, while the rest of us came home and had chicken taquitos for supper. After supper, the Wilsons came over for a few minutes, and we caught up. 
  • Now I am having hot chocolate waiting to do my second stretch and fold of my sourdough. I don't have high hopes for this little experiment, but we shall see!

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