Dennie Kids: March 10, 2011

Does this count as walking?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning this morning and the highlight was eating our new cereal-it is like colored rice krispie treats.  And here is a little tip: 5, 4 and 2 year old shouldn’t really eat tiny pieces of cereal while sitting on the couch.  If Mom were to vacuum there would be a few servings of cereal in the vacuum bag
  • Graham did not fuss at school.  Dad said that it was more of a muffled cry but since there was no screaming, kicking and wailing it was counted as no fussing.  When he saw Mom he told her that he didn’t fuss and that he needed to go to Grannyom’s house.  Grannymom had him a matchbox car and a pinwheel and you would have thought that she had given him hundreds of dollars.  He was so proud of himself and his presents.
  • Reagan and Anderson had a good day at school-it must have been all about dinosaurs.  And that made for a very good day.  Grannymom picked them up and they even went to Rock Creek to play some.  They arrived back at the same time Mom, Campbell and Graham showed up.  Anderson gave Mom a horrible look and started waving his arms so that Mom would just drive off.  Needless to say he was not happy to see Mom at all.
  • After playing at Grannymom’s house for awhile it was soon time to head home so Campbell could have a short nap.  Graham even thought he needed a nap and decided to sleep in Anderson’s bed.  He lasted in there about 3 minutes and that was fine with Mom because she was busy loading up the car to head to Nonna’s house
  • The kids ate a pizza supper with Nonna and played and even played some more when Jason came over and when Pops finally made it home.  Mom and Dad were at a meeting for Reagan’s school next year.  They both swung back by to finish off the pizza and then everyone headed home and climbed into bed.

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