Dennie Kids: March 12, 2011

Mr. Cool - Graham Dennie
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A few weeks ago, Graham's teacher from Mother's Day Out sent a few pictures she had taken of him while at school. I've posted a few of these pictures on the photo page.
  • Since Graham went to bed so early last night (6) he did wake up a little earlier than usual (6) but he and Dad went downstairs to watch some tv and the rest of the crew didn’t wake up until 6:30.  I forgot to mention last night, that Graham had to eat his supper in his bed last night-he did eat everything though and he managed to stay out of trouble most of the day
  • The kids played around this morning and Dad and the boys even played cars for a bit.  Mom and Dad worked on cleaning out the pantry and then the fridge while the kids watched their weekly limit of tv.  Then Mom and Dad made them come into the kitchen and eat candy to help with the pantry clean out (Oh, to be a Dennie kid!)  Campbell sat in her chair just watching and snacking while Mom and Dad worked and worked.  She finally decided she was tired and went to take a nap while the other 3 went outside.
  • Everything was going well outside until Anderson fell and gashed his head on a nail.  Yep, a nail from the sink on the playhouse.  Probably will leave a pretty good scar but he is one tough boy.  Speaking of, tonight at Jacob’s house Jacob hollered because Anderson’s nose was bleeding.  Anderson calmly walked to Mom and just stood there while she cleaned him up.
  • Next up was lunch at On the Border.  The kids loved quesadillas and Graham told Mom he was going to eat the whole bowl of chips and he almost did.  Reagan finally got her icee that she missed out on yesterday.  We went to Sams with everyone else in Little Rock and shopped there for nearly 2 hours.  Milk, fruit, books-you name it, we bought it.  We even bought an umbrella thing for the beach. 
  • When we made it home, it was soon naptime and soon after that it was time to head to Jacob and Ethan’s house.  The kids had a blast playing with the toys and Reagan was so excited to hear that Kennedy and Camryn would be there since Mom had just been talking about the boys. 
  • At home, we changed the clocks forward and realized how very late it was.  The kids fell asleep pretty quickly after such a busy day.

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