Dennie Kids: March 6, 2011

Is he really asleep?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham woke up around 6 and him and Dad headed to the couch.  Dad gave Graham a snuggie and Dad laid down.  A few minutes later Dad noticed Graham was just sitting on the end of the couch (he was sitting at Dad’s feet yesterday when Mom came down).  Dad offered him to lay with him and he took him up on the offer and they rested until Anderson joined them
  • Anderson and Graham squealed, screamed and worked on making a roller coaster.  I think the roller coaster was made out of Mom’s bed pillows.  She didn’t really miss them since it would take 10 minutes for the boys to drag one downstairs and then come back upstairs to get another. 
  • Campbell had a shower and didn’t whimper like usual.  Graham, who was begging for a shower, screamed the whole time.  His hair was getting washed and he didn’t like that at all.  We were able to get ready in time so we ate breakfast at home. 
  • After church, lunch was at Nonna and Pops house.  After lunch, Mom, Dad, Pops and Nonna headed over to Beebee and Papaw’s house.  Soon the doorbell rang and it was Reagan coming over, followed by Anderson.  Soon Nonna and Graham came over.  Graham was the last one to leave and he told Nonna “I little, can’t reach doorbell” so Nonna had to come with him.
  • Back at home, everyone took a nap-a short nap because in a little bit it was time to go back to church.  After our class, we came home and had supper.  The kids played for a minute and then it was bedtime again. 
  • But first was prayer time.  Here is a little idea how prayer time at the Dennie house goes:  Reagan says her adult like prayer.  Then Anderson’s turn “thank you God for the dinosaurs, amen.”  Graham’s goes like this “thank you God for papaw, papaw, papaw, beebee, beebee, nonna, nonna, nonna.”  He gets stuck sometime and Dad eventually prompts him to say amen.  Meanwhile, Campbell crawled to the diapers and brought one to Graham (who told her he already had a diaper), then she brought one to Anderson.  Needless to say this caused giggles from the crew (and from Mom too)

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