Cloudy in Charleston: March 25, 2011

Future Hall of Famers!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Our bed switcheroo continued last night.  Graham climbed in bed with us, Robby left, Graham followed Robby, Anderson woke up and wanted to move to a new spot, I tried to convince him to get in bed with me, he declined and I moved him, Graham sat on the floor by Anderson and talked to him, Campbell screamed and calmed when I laid her down and gave her her paci, Reagan talked to the boys, Graham got in my bed and then we finished the night.  All of that happened in about a span of an hour.  Surprisingly, every night we wake up feeling refreshed and rested.
Sometime in the middle of the night, Anderson said “Mom, tell Daddy to stop snoring.”  I asked him about it this morning and he said that Robby sounded like a tiger and he didn’t like it.  Poor baby, if I would have known he was scared, I would kicked Robby harder. 
We again had our breakfast in the room and stopped at a McDonalds for a “bonus breakfast.”  Food makes them happy in the car and they eat and eat and it is quiet, quiet-at least for a few minutes.  We only had about an hour drive to Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It was a pretty impressive place.  Anderson was really thinking that we were going to get to go to a football game so he was a bit disappointed.  They loved grabbing at the hologram of the Hall of Fame ring and seeing the trophy.  The boys even liked sitting down and watching a movie-they were upset when Robby said that it was time to go.  It is funny what they are interested in. 
After looking at the Hall of Fame bronze busts and worker outside gave as a long explanation of how they were made.  The kids stood there and listened to him-even though I am sure they understood very little about what he was talking about (I really didn’t understand that much).  But the favorite part of the museum was throwing a football at the end.  And outside, there was a little football field that we ran off some energy on.  They boys were disappointed that we didn’t have a football-well, we had just bought one but I wouldn’t let them use it….
Robby had looked around the gift shop for an ornament and found a tiny little squishy football that would work.  He gave me a 5 dollar bill and I went to buy it-we were expecting that little thing to be 2 or 3 dollars.  I had to ask him for 29 cents and he thought I was telling him it was only 29 cents-so he said in front of the cashier “let’s get 4 more.”  I immediately started shouting “no, no.”  Now we have a very memorable ornament for the tree-funny!
We then got back in the car and headed to the National Museum of First Ladies.  We found a meter and parked, unloaded everyone, walked down the block and Robby and the kids walked up the steps to check it out while I wanted on the sidewalk with Campbell.  They quickly came back down-they were only giving tours and they were an hour and a half.  Robby wisely decided that we would pass.  The kids were so upset-Reagan had heard there would be dresses of the first ladies inside.  Anyway, we couldn’t get them to understand that we would have to listen to some one as long as 3 of their movies.  Though, they could have probably done it after listening to the man’s long explanation of the bronze heads. 
Lunch was next at Kennedy’s BBQ and as we drove up, it looked closed.  The sign said open but we were the only car in the lot so Robby double checked with me about where I had seen this.  We hoped that it was empty because it is lent and went on in.  The kids were able to sit at the bar area and had grilled cheese while we each at bbq sandwiches.  I guess up North, the bbq is different than ours (I like ours much better).  Mine was unique though because they have a slaw/relish that they put on top of the meat (no sauce either).  It was like a combination of slaw, hot dog relish and spicy mustard.  Not too bad.  We drove by McKinley’s tomb and memorial-quite impressive but not worth everyone getting out but worthy of a picture stop.
We left Canton and headed down south towards West Virginia (Reagan’s 40th state).  It was about a 2+ hour drive until our first stop.  With a full tummy, warm sun and afternoon driving Robby was immediately sleepy so I had to drive for a bit.  Everyone else dozed but Anderson spent his time talking to me.  We looked for animals and had to say the letter “O” when ever we found one.  Once, I had seen a large herd of cows and started saying “o, o, o, o” and Robby jumped up and shouted “what? what?”  All was well though and soon we found a McDonalds for a snack and potty break. 
We had our ice cream and while Robby was buying it, some one commented on how smiley Campbell was.  She was pretty smiley until I tried to take my shake back from her and then she just got down right mean!  Robby found a covered bridge to see on the way to Charleston and I had found the address-at least I thought I had.  Let’s just say, that we got off the interstate, drove down a highway, turned on a road which led to a gravel road and then it led to dirt road and after a few miles of dirt road driving, we decided to turn around. 
We did see the true West Virginia though.  Pretty land but probably very poor hardworking people- I waved at many of them as we drove right past their house.  They were probably looking at us thinking “those darn GPS’s aren’t good for anything.”  Anyway, once we gave up, the GPS took us out a different way and we sure couldn’t believe it when we saw that covered bridge on our way out (just a quarter of a mile from the highway).  We stopped and took pictures and Reagan and Anderson thought they were something else running through the bridge.  Graham just kept asking “how are we going to get out of here?”-kind of an odd question but he is full of odd words lately.  He will just start shouting “pig sooie, go hogs” or will ask the same questions 70 times in a row.  Funny boy!
We only had about 40 miles to go until we made it to Charleston and we quickly found our hotel.  There wasn’t any where to buy supper nearby so Robby turned back around and headed downtown.  We had seen a sign for “Biscuit World” and decided to drive by but thought we would still end up at the Wendy’s we had seen.  Anyway, we took a gamble and went through the drive through. 
We stopped and looked at the menu board.  Then the lady asked Robby to pull to the window because she hadn’t heard anything he had said.  He replied back that he hadn’t said anything and was just reading the menu.  She replied back “well, take your time hon.”  I got tickled at this but it only got worse.  Robby then asked if they served breakfast all day (which we probably should have known the answer to since the place is called Biscuit World).  The lady said “of course babe.”  Robby said “This is all new to me, I have never been to West Virginia” and the lady said “Well, welcome to West Virginia, honey”  By now, I am laughing hysterically-so hard that Campbell is imitating me.  Anyway, we ordered and ordered way too much (all of this hon and baby talk had gotten Robby nervous).  When the lady brought us our food, she said told Robby “here is your food honey.” 
Back at our hotel, we needed to do laundry and needed to do it badly so before we ate, we made the kids all take a shower.  Luckily I had one pair of clean pajamas left for everyone but Graham.  Robby had bought a shirt the other day and it fit nicely on him but he is quite concerned with getting his pants.  They all played with their toys in the shower until Campbell … well, Campbell went to the bathroom and this cause quite a commotion.  Robby was out putting the laundry in the washer so I cleaned that while Reagan watched Campbell.  They were able to play for a few more minutes until it was too noisy and they had to get out. 
Everyone dried off and then sat on the bed for our biscuit supper.  Mine was a BLT biscuit, Robby had a pepperoni biscuit, there was a sausage and egg biscuit for the kids and even a biscuit with a hash brown on it.  After supper, we did have a cookie and soon Campbell we getting fussy.  This is our smallest hotel room and Campbell just barely fits in the bathroom (if she didn’t fit there, we would have had to put her in the hallway-seriously)  Soon everyone was asleep and they were probably wondering about what tomorrow will bring.  Robby and I have 2 loads of laundry to do-after it all dries.  Wonder how long that will take?  Can’t wear damp jeans when it is 18 degrees outside (as it was this morning when we left the hotel)

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