Dennie Kids: March 5, 2011

Dining Entertainment!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Kind of a slow start around here.  Mom was going to make pancakes again but once Campbell saw the donut box from last night, she started grunting and pointing.  Everyone wanted donuts and only donuts-even though only 2 were left which meant 1/2 per kid
  • Mom and Dad were the highlight of laziness today and spent most of their morning in their snuggies while the kids played and played.  When things got too noisy Campbell took her nap and Mom flipped on Jake for everyone.
  • We decided to have lunch at Cantina Laredo and as we were about to sit down, Dad realized that he didn’t have his wallet and Mom’s money wasn’t in the van.  He went outside to do a quick search for cash/credit cards but came back empty handed.  So as soon as we ordered cheese dip (to stall) Dad headed home.  Mom got quite a few stares with Dad leaving her with the 4 kids.  Thankfully Dad arrived back right after Mom had cut everyone’s food and passed it out.  We didn’t tell the kids where Dad had gone so they didn’t shout it out at the restaurant but they thought it was very funny that we didn’t have any money
  • Back at home, it was rest time for everyone.  Graham fell asleep quickly and Campbell slept until Mom went in the bathroom to get ready.  Reagan and Anderson joined Mom, Nonna, Pops and Jason at a wedding this evening.  Anderson was determined that he was attending the wedding and sat still (well as still as a 4 year old can) and waited patiently for cake.  Reagan stood in her chair (we were on the back row) and was taking mental notes to prepare for our wedding family night that she is planning. 
  • The highlights of the wedding for Reagan and Anderson was the cake, the cake, the cake, and the stickers, coloring books, silly bands and the take home candy.  People were dancing and Anderson asked Mom “do you feel like dancing?”  She said sure and asked if he felt like dancing and he said “no”
  • Back at home, Graham and Campbell were waiting up on us and were delighted to see Nonna and Pops come in.  They stayed for a few minutes and then it was time for pajamas and one last movie before bed

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