Spring Break 2011: March 22, 2011

Buggied Up and Ready to Go!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Graham was so excited this morning for it to be finally “trip day.”  When I told him, he asked “trip day?” and I agreed.  Then he ran to the bathroom to tell Robby.  Later when Anderson came in our room, he put his hands on Anderson’s face and said “trip day, Anderson, trip day.”  Anderson only wanted to know how long we would be on the airplane-I decided not to show him the map which might make him think the airplane ride would be too long.  (little rock to houston doesn’t look to bad but houston to pittsburgh looks pretty long).  He is fine on the planes but gets pretty bored-even though he seems content just to sit. 
Everyone put on clothes to wear to Grannymom’s house and when Mom went to find Campbell she was in the bathroom.  Campbell saw me, pointed to her diaper and then said “poop”-I was quite impressed.  She is quite brilliant!  We made breakfast but the boys were too anxious to eat at Grannymom’s house so we just took it all over there to eat.  The kids played while I did some last minute packing.  I know you are wondering the trip baggage totals so here they are:
  • 3 Suitcases (found out last night we don’t have to pay for our luggage-possibly how Robby bought the tickets)
  • 1 Pack N Play
  • 2 Double Strollers
  • 3 Kid Backpacks
  • 2 Grown Up Backpacks
  • 1 Extra Bag
  • 4 Car Seats
  • 4 Kids
When I finished my packing, I went to pick up the kids.  They are ready to leave on the trip immediately but still have a few hours before we finally leave.  Probably just enough time for me to add a thing or two to the bags.  I did have to make a big note for myself to remind me to bring Campbell’s milk and cup-I forgot them last trip. 
At Grannymom’s house, everyone did some playing outside and a bit inside.  Soon after we made it home, Pops showed up and stayed for a few minutes before heading back to work.  As soon as he drove off, Anderson turned with a pitiful face and said “I miss Pops already.”  Next Nonna arrived with a basket of fruit for lunch.  Reagan loved the oranges, Anderson like the apples, Campbell liked it all but especially the strawberries and Graham enjoyed the nutella on crackers.
Robby came home for a few minutes to help load up the car (and what a load it is).  While he was home, he put Graham down for a short nap since he seemed to be falling apart.  Campbell had to use her little pack n play since the other is packed but she still fell asleep pretty quickly.  Reagan, Anderson and Nonna busied themselves playing hide-n-seek in the front yard.  Soon I realized that it was time to get moving and we scrambled to get everyone dressed and in the car on time to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa (our airport chauffeurs).
After we picked them up, we headed to Robby’s office to pick him up and the kids were so excited they could hardly stand it.  They waited patiently (ha!) on Robby to come down and soon we were at the airport.  Security was a breeze-thanks to one TSA agent who hauled a ton of our bags for me while I was opening the liquids for them to test.  I should have had a gold star for him.  We had a few minutes before our flight so the kids colored and soon it was time to board.  We were in the very, very back of the plane.  Graham and Campbell sat with me and Reagan was across the aisle from us.  And Dad and Anderson sat in front of us.  Most of the plane ride to Houston was spent playing with our play-doh.  The kids could not understand why they did not give out snacks on this airplane (just like the can’t understand why none of our hotels have breakfasts).  They were delighted when I pulled out some crackers (even if they were well past the expiration date). 
Soon we landed in Houston and had to move quickly to our next gate.  I took Reagan, Anderson and Campbell to potty.  I had to use the restroom and when I walked out, I saw Anderson starting to drink out of a water bottle that was on the floor-does the boy have no sense?
When we left the bathroom, Robby rushed off in search of food.  He didn’t have too long because they were already boarding but since it was a huge plane, he made it back in time-but he did have to jog a bit.  While we were in line to board, an Amish lady was chatting me up about our group and I asked how many kids were with her and she said 12.  She has us beat and we won’t be catching up with her (but I didn’t tell her that).
We were again in the back-Robby and the boys were together and me, Reagan and Campbell were together.  Also on our row was an Al Roker type man before he had the gastric bypass.  We waited until we were in the air to eat supper.  Everyone must have been starving because they devoured their sandwiches and Campbell spent her time trying to grab everything and close Reagan’s tray table up (which included spilling all of Reagan’s food). 
Robby held Campbell for awhile but I did most of the time and holding her was like holding a slippery, wet fish the entire flight.  The only time she was still was when she was being octopus like trying to grab everything so she could see.  And it probably didn’t help that Al covered up his head with his blanket which Campbell thought was just a big game of peek a boo.  The boys went to sleep first, then Reagan and finally Campbell.  I struggled with her for awhile before she finally gave it up.  Once she did go to sleep, she was laying on top of Reagan and they were all twisted up (this delighted Reagan who can’t seem to get enough of her sister)
The flight was fairly bumpy and it didn’t help that we were in the back.  I am glad that Anderson went to sleep since he seems to get a little bit air sick.  I saw Robby turning the air on him during the first flight and I got the bag ready to grab just in case.  All was well though and when we finally landed in Pittsburgh, all 4 Dennie kids were asleep.  We stirred everyone and made it off the plane. 
Next up was picking up our suitcases and Graham kept telling me that he was going to tell Grandpa that he saw a dog at the airport.  I think he thought Grandpa was going to pick us up right then and there and that our trip was over.  Anderson said he enjoyed eating the cookie, Graham enjoyed eating on the plane and Reagan told me that she liked seeing the movie on the plane-we didn’t watch it but we could see it.  Robby found our suitcases without a problem and we used a cart along with some Anderson-power (he pushed a stroller) to walk across the street to the rental car.  It was so nice for Robby not to have to take a shuttle. 
It is pretty cool outside but we loaded up quickly and then had to wait on the GPS to figure out where we were.  Soon we were on our way to the hotel and were hoping to find a walgreens or something nearby to get some milk and cokes.  But the nearest is 10 miles so maybe in the morning.  We are at an airport hotel but seem to be in the middle of a new industrial area.  As soon as we made it in the room, the kids started laying out their sleeping bags.  After pajamas and some water, there are now 4 Dennie kids snoring.  It is after one here so we better get into bed soon as well. 

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