Sleet in Lexington: March 26, 2011

Would you eat lunch here?
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

I woke up at 6 this morning and made a check around the room and everyone was still in their same spots that they had started off in.  That is pretty amazing for us.  Before long, the kids were going strong spinning each other in the desk chair.  This is usually a no-no but Robby and I were able to lay there for a few more minutes so we just let them spin away (I have bandaids so we were fine). 
We whispered to Graham that there was breakfast downstairs in the hotel and he was so excited.  You would have thought I had told him that Mickey was downstairs.  He told everyone else and then they all rushed to get their clothes on.  Robby and I had to scramble to catch up with them.  Breakfast was pretty good downstairs-they even had biscuits and lots of them.  West Virginians must really like their biscuits. 
After breakfast, we came back upstairs to load up and then drove to the capitol building.  The kids spotted it right away and were able to tell us some differences between their capitol and ours.  The main difference that I could think of was that it was not 32 degrees at our capitol building.  That didn’t stop us and we took off on a walk around the grounds.  The governor’s mansion was right next door and the boys did not understand why we could not go in.  I tried to explain that he was probably drinking his coffee and wearing his pajamas.  But this turned into lots of comments about the governor and his “underpants.” 
Next we walked in front of the capitol and up the steps.  Later during the day, Graham asked why we didn’t go into that “cap-i-da-ba-tol building.”  We made it back to the car quickly and headed on our way out of West Virginia and towards Kentucky (a new state for Campbell and Graham).  Just before we hit Kentucky though, we headed to Lesage, West Virginia-home of Hillbilly Hot Dogs.  I had read about it on the internet and it was worth the stop.  This place was something to see-the inside and outside was filled with antiques/junk.  The kids eyes were incredible big the whole time as they ate their hot dogs.  I had a taco dog: hot dog, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, tortilla chips and probably some other stuff too.  Robby had some type of hot dog with barbeque on it. 
After a potty stop (in an unheated restroom-brrr-we made it quick), we were back in the car.  I drove most of the way-until the last 20 miles and then the cloudy weather finally got to me and I needed a quick nap. Robby took over and when I opened my eyes we were at the hotel.  Our plan had been to go to the Kentucky Horse Park but since it is so cold and cloudy (if they sun had been out, we would have been fine but no sun means really, really cold).  Since 3 is a little bit early to call it a night, we unpacked and then headed out again.
We drove around Rupp Arena and then went to Thoroughbred Park.  When we were here last time, Reagan was little bitty and she fed the horse statues grass.  This time, she wanted to ride them.  Campbell became pretty good at saying “neigh neigh” by the time that we left.  Graham was happy to ride them too but Anderson did not want to get on top of one at all.  He is my kind of kid-likes his feet on the ground!
We then drove to an Italian place to check out for supper but it looked similar to Macaroni Grill.  So we opted to just eat at our next stop: the mall.  Imagine going to our mall on a Saturday night-well, it was nothing like that.  There were lots and lots of people…and everyone but us was wearing blue.  It was crazy crowded in the mall.  We went in on one side and had to walk the length of the mall to find the food court.  The kids had sonic, Robby had a Cincinnati style burrito and I had Chinese. 
There was a little playground that they enjoyed playing in a for a few minutes.  Graham was so thoughtful, he run up to us (we were standing by the playground entrance) and he told us that there were couches inside for us to sit on.  Sweet baby.  After playing, we headed back to the hotel.  I had seen that it had started raining but as we made it to the car, it wasn’t rain anymore-it was sleet.  Near our hotel, some of the grass was already being covered.  They do expect no accumulation and it will be well able freezing tomorrow so we should be fine.  We did buy another gallon of milk though just in case (and because we were out-milk is 2 dollars here-maybe I should buy some and bring it home). 
Once we made it to the hotel room, everyone decided they wanted a bath.  So they all played in the tub for a bit until there was more water on the floor than in the tub.  After baths, they all ate their peppermints from sonic, had milk and went to bed.  Tomorrow is Lexington and Cincinnati.  

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