Dennie Kids: March 21, 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • What a busy day this was.  Dad was up fairly early and Graham joined Mom in bed and he might possibly have gone back to sleep if Mom didn’t mention going to Jacob’s house.  Before long, everyone was up, watching movies, getting dressed and eating breakfast.  They were ready to get to Jacob and Ethan’s house.
  • The kids played and played upstairs at Jacob and Ethan’s house.  Campbell’s favorite was crawling in and out of the blow up tire.  Reagan enjoyed the duck game and playing with the ducks.  Anderson and Jacob busied themselves remaking his train track.  Graham and Ethan played well arranging cars on the race track.
  • We went downstairs and had a snack and then everyone went outside.  Mom stayed inside for a few minutes while everyone but Campbell were outside playing.  As soon as Mom came out, Graham started having a fit/meltdown.  Their dog (who was on a chain and no where near Graham) had started barking and Graham could not calm down.  He went inside for a spanking and tried to come out again but as soon as he saw the dog, he fell apart again. 
  • Soon it was time to leave and grab something to eat before meeting Grannymom, Lilly and Cash at the zoo.  Mom knew it would be crowded when she saw people parking at the park.  We circled and circled finally squeezing into an illegal spot.  Grannymom was saving our spot in line and soon we made it to the members entrance. 
  • It was crowded but not crazy.  Graham said that his favorite were the penguins.  Reagan probably liked the lorikeets and Anderson seemed to enjoy the naked mole rats (well, that is what he thanked God for in his prayer tonight).  Campbell stayed awake the entire time (despite missing her morning nap).  She would see an animal, sit up and point.  Sometimes she would even clap her hands. 
  • On our way home, Graham and Campbell fell asleep.  Graham stirred for some milk and movie with Reagan and Anderson while Campbell continued her nap.  Soon it was supper-grilled cheese-on the back deck.  And before long, Mom noticed everyone feeding their sandwiches to Belle-at least she had a good meal.
  • After supper, everyone swang outside until Graham did a face plant and stood up with dirt everywhere-hair, mouth, eyes.  He was soon fine but the others were very upset and worried about him.  Dad decided everyone needed baths so that was next on the agenda,
  • Mom came home from shopping with Nonna and then it was bedtime for everyone-and they were exhausted!

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