Dennie Kids: March 13, 2011

Building blocks of life...
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Yesterday, we were playing with Belle in the back yard and Graham decided that he didn’t want to join in.  He went to the deck and asked Mom to lock him “in jail”-he wanted to be behind the gate on the deck so Belle could not get him at all.  Soon he became worried about Mom’s safety from the vicious dog and screamed for Mom to “get in jail with me”
  • Morning came an hour earlier this morning-Graham walked to Mom’s bed (only wearing a diaper) telling her that he was ready to get up.  Mom wasn’t sure if her phone clock had changed so she was unsure of the time for awhile.  Just as Mom was thinking about moving Graham to a big boy bed, he climbed out of his bed without telling anyone (he probably had been screaming for awhile and Mom and Dad were sleeping so hard they didn’t hear).  Mom is used to the kids not getting out of bed at all! at all!!
  • Since it was time for everyone to get moving and get moving quickly, everyone complied fairly well.  Campbell was the stinkiest this morning so she had a shower-she really just does not like them at all.  She looked at Dad with a disgusted look as Mom rescued her from the shower.
  • Reagan was the most attentive in her class today and was the only one who was able to chose a prize from the treasure box.  She was pretty proud of being the best listener-Mom asked if people in her class didn’t listen and she told Mom two names (and Mom isn’t surprised by the names given)
  • Anderson had the best time after Sunday school because Mr. Greg came to his class for worship care.  When Robby picked him up, Anderson asked “can that grown-up come to our house and play?”  Later during the day, we were looking at his airplane and he was asking Mom a questions about the wheels.  Mom told him that he should have asked Mr. Greg because he built airplanes.  Anderson looked at her like he could not believe what she had just said-that made Mr. Greg jump up to a new level in Anderson’s mind
  • Campbell spent her worship care time with Mom and Dad.  Two babies were sleeping, one was playing and Campbell thought she was the star of the show.  She danced, clapped and spent her time showing off.
  • Back at home, we had lunch and then everyone went to take a nap.  Of course, this made everyone lay down about an hour earlier and Reagan and Anderson were up and ready long before everyone else.  It didn’t take to long for us to head back to church.  We didn’t stick around long and when it was time to leave, Graham said that Ms. Sonya didn’t take him to see Cubbie bear (he didn’t know that it was not Wednesday)
  • On our way home, the kids had some Krispy Kreme valentine’s that they needed to use so we stopped by.  Campbell practically jumped out of Mom’s arms to grab her doughnut and Reagan was about to have a meltdown when she thought she was going to get her hot glazed doughnut.  Mom now has to remember that they can only go when the hot light is on.  

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