Dennie Kids: March 16, 2011

Little sis and Big Brother!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The big project around here this morning was everyone working on their basketball brackets.  Mom did hers without a problem but when it came to pulling pick out of Reagan, Anderson and Graham it was very interesting.  Reagan picked hers based on where we had been or whose name she knows (Virginia).  Anderson used Reagan’s strategy but also had Reagan help him.  Graham would just say the last team that Mom said and sometimes he would just repeat that team name for the next few choices.  When Mom finished with everyone else, she started running through the list with Campbell.  Campbell grinned from ear to ear and shook her head “no”
  • Anderson suggested early this morning making a tent with Mom’s sheets but she suggested putting the tent up after breakfast.  Everyone agreed and worked together until the tent was put up.  Campbell had the best time in the tent except she would get confused and couldn’t find the door so she would push on the sides until she would nearly knock it down.
  • Mom was in the den and heard a good “thump” and then crying.  Reagan had slipped on a toy and landed on her forehead.  After ice, a bump appeared but by the end of the day, it looks like she is going to have a pretty good black eye in the morning.  Hopefully, it won’t be too bad.  She only cried for a minute or two and she sure did enjoy tying the ice pack to her head.
  • After a few stories, it was lunch time.  We made jello jigglers for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration-hopefully, they will meet all of the expectations.  Campbell became very, very upset when Mom didn’t let her stir.  She was finally appeased when Mom showed her what was in the bowl. 
  • After nap, everyone finally changed out of pajamas and headed downstairs.  On the way down, the doorbell rang.  This caused the boys to run to the door and Reagan to run upstairs to get a report on who it was.  Grannymom and Lilly had walked over and everyone was so excited to see them.  They played in the backyard and then needed a snack (actually it was supper for the Dennie crew since they had eaten lunch late). 
  • After Lilly left, the kids had a little more to eat and Reagan was still asking for food in the car-turkey?  Who asks to eat some turkey in the car?  She got it!  Even when we came home from church, they were still eating and talking about eating more.  Maybe they have worms?
  • Cubbie night-everyone saw everyone in the hallway.  The boys even played outside for awhile.  Reagan didn’t like her snack-said it was too sweet-probably wanted some more turkey!  Back at home, it was snack time and then bedtime for everyone.

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