Still Cold in Ohio and Thunderstorms in Little Rock: March 29, 2011

Now that's a BIG basket!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

The alarm clock went off pretty early this morning but we quickly turned it off because we hadn’t set it.  We managed to sleep until 8:30 and could have slept longer but Anderson had to go to the bathroom.  Even though we had consolidated most of our bags, we still had a full luggage cart to haul downstairs and squish into the van. 
Our hotel was right by the Columbus airport and we could see the planes landing.  The boys did not understand why it took me so long to find it (about 3 hours).  They thought that I was truly lost and couldn’t understand we were heading back to Pittsburgh.  I drove for a bit while Robby did some work.  We were near another McDonalds and partook one last time (before coming home to be healthy-ha!)
I had packed all of the kids toys and we were going to just rely on their movies to keep them entertained.  But of course, one of the movie players didn’t work today so they were pretty wound up the whole ride to the airport.  We did find a stop-the huge Longaberger basket building.  We even drove a few extra miles to go to the gift shop but it sure looked closed to us.  Oh, well, this diversion did lead us to a quaint little road that led us into Pennsylvania.
We finally stopped for lunch at Arbys.  Reagan had never had a roast beef sandwich and asked if they had “that kind of meat where we live.”  Graham devoured his and Anderson (who doesn’t eat lunch meat) did eat some of his-only to gain a few sips of Robby’s coke.  Back in the car, we headed on and soon made it to Pittsburgh.
Though, I did have a slight panic while I was driving-we were in the middle of no where and my gas gauge kept going closer and closer to empty.  It didn’t seem to bother Robby but I was so nervous I was gripping the steering wheel scanning the horizon for gas stations.  We found one in plenty of time but seriously, it was pretty remote driving.
We returned our car and loaded everything up about 2:30 for our 4’o’clock flight.  Security was a breeze-oh, the kids are really good at it and when they tested Campbell’s milk I didn’t have to go and open it for them.  That was very nice for me since I usually have to open up each cup and while chaos is going on behind me with kids grabbing bags and shoes without me around. 
We made it to the gate and saw that our flight was going to be delayed by an hour.  It was fine and gave us a few minutes to color a few pictures.  Graham has become quite the colorer and Anderson had become quite the writer.  He is nearing being able to write his name.  This extra time gave Reagan and I a chance to work on tying her shoes.
Anderson had to sit by a stranger on the flight.  He was right in front of Robby and did great (even though I was worried that he might get sick).  It was a short flight and even though we took off late, we still had plenty of time to make it to the gate.  Even though we had to take a bus to the terminal we still had time to find supper.  Of course, Campbell fell asleep as we waited on our next plane.
Reagan sat across the row from me, Anderson and Campbell on this flight and eventually Anderson moved to an empty seat across from Robby.  Campbell tossed, turned, climbed, crawled and moved around for 2 and a half hours.  Once Anderson moved, I buckled her up as tight as I could.  She was not pleased but just whined for a bit and then fell asleep. 
The pilot came on when we were near Little Rock and said it would be a pretty bumpy ride down and Robby and I both located the air sickness bags for Anderson just in case.  The flight was very smooth with only a few bumps so we were pleased.  We were in clouds for awhile and the kids really noticed all of the lights reflecting in the clouds.  They wanted to know what that light was and then asked if the pilot could see through the clouds and we had to explain how they used their instruments to fly.
As soon as we landed, Anderson shouted “glad we landed, I was about to throw up”-he wasn’t. But the lady in front of him jumped quickly to locate a bag before Dad waved her off.  He does get air sick a bit but he was fine.  Robby and I shuushed him and will have to talk about being quieter.  Anderson talked the entire trip-he wasn’t loud, he just chatted the whole way.  It was a good trip but the kids were exhausted when we finally made it home.

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