Dennie Kids: March 18, 2011

Just chillin!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The kids were ready to get up and start packing for their night out at Nonna’s house.  Of course, they thought we were leaving immediately for Nonnas….this made for a long, long day answering every 5 minutes when we were leaving.
  • We read a few stories upstairs and then went downstairs for breakfast.  Next Mom closed the kitchen so she could work and the boys and Campbell played in the den while Reagan worked on her paper dolls in Graham’s room.  Mom has decided that Reagan is going to need a desk for school. 
  • Campbell spent her time following the boys around-they were having a blast crawling in and out of the tent.  Mom would check on her every once and awhile but thought if she wasn’t fussing then she must be having fun.
  • Graham had a good day and only ended up in his bed a few times.  He is still a little bit shy of Mom’s spoon and when he sees it, he asks to go to time-out instead of the other option. 
  • At lunch, we had the leftover jello and Campbell managed to get extremely sticky-so sticky that her fingers were stuck together and Mom had to unstick them.  This also meant that most of Mom’s kitchen was that sticky too (Mom actually even found some jello in her jeans pocket)
  • Mom called Reagan her “little black eyed girl” and Reagan replied that she wasn’t a black eyed girl, she was a rainbow eye girl.  Her eye is definitely a rainbow today-yellow, brown, blue, purple and possible even some green.  Just lovely.
  • As Reagan and Anderson waited on the front porch for Nonna and Pops to come, Graham told Mom that he would be a good boy.  He was so excited about sleeping in his sleeping bag (he has only done this a few times).  They were so excited to see Nonna and Pops that when they opened their car doors to get out-the three kids climbed in.  They were ready to go!
  • When Campbell woke up, she was a little bit confused.  Mom was the only one in the house.  Campbell looked around for the others and when Mom told her she was going to Grannymom’s house, Campbell went to the door and waved bye bye.  Smart girl
  • Dad and Campbell went to Grannymom and Grandpa’s house for supper, a walk and even a bath for Campbell.  Meanwhile, Reagan, Anderson and Graham played and played outside.  They had supper on the deck and the boys didn’t even come in until 7:30.  They should have been good and worn out but apparently Graham wasn’t too ready to go to bed.  He had to see that Pops had a spoon.  Once he saw the spoon, he finally fell asleep. 

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