Dennie Kids: March 2, 2011

Calling Daddy!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad headed off to work and our morning started off fairly slow.  We cleaned upstairs-the kids helped dust and then we all headed downstairs.
  • Since we haven’t been to the library in a few weeks the kids were very happy that Mom picked up some books yesterday.  So we read 20 pounds of books, a little bit of Stuart Little and reviewed our Cubbie verses.  Reagan has started writing the verses and then wants Mom to work on it with Campbell so she can say her verse too.  Mom and Campbell practiced but they didn’t get too far
  • The kids played legos most of the morning long.  Reagan played with the tiny ones at the table, Campbell and Graham played with the big ones on the floor and Anderson played with both.  Obviously, legos ended up everywhere-Mom might have even seen one in a diaper (kidding)
  • Campbell took a rest while Mom walked on the treadmill.  Yesterday, she was walking and watching “Clean House”  During the reveal, the person kept repeating “oh my God”-Reagan picked up on that.  She has been saying that lately and we have discussed that that is something we don’t say.  It was a good chance to remind her of that.  But today, the person continually shouted “Damn”-I hope she didn’t hear that and start replacing her “oh my God” with “Damn!”
  • Anyway, soon it was lunch and we read a book about peanut butter and jelly and made our own pb and j sandwiches.  We read more books and then played until rest time.  Mom was reading a book to Anderson and Graham and Graham fell asleep-he had to be carried to bed.  When he woke up from his nap, he climbed out of bed and started knocking on his door, while saying “knock, knock.” 
  • Cubbies tonight-everyone did fine and said their verses without a problem.  Reagan even volunteered to say her verse at snacktime.  We stopped at Sams on the way home and bought a few dozen gallons of milk!  (almost)
  • The other day, Mom had left the spanking spoon on the floor and Campbell grabbed it.  She crawled to Anderson who was sitting on the couch, pulled up and then she started whacking him.  She was getting him pretty good and all he did was scream “Campbell’s spanking me!”

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