Dennie Kids: March 4, 2011

Welcoming the penguins to Little Rock!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Early this morning we read Curious George Makes Pancakes and at the end of the book was a recipe.  Mom made the mistake of saying we should make pancakes sometime.  It was suggested by Reagan that we make them today.  Mom had never made pancakes and attempted to do it without calling Nonna.  The kids helped and Anderson even said that he could eat them “everyday for a hundred years”-we might just have pancakes tomorrow too
  • The kids are still infatuated with all of their library books so Mom read a zillion as they devoured their pancakes.  The question of the day was is it time to go to the zoo?  Mom even things that Campbell asked it to her.  Graham stayed ready today-both shoes stayed on his feet most of the day.  He wanted to be ready when Mom said it was time to go.
  • Campbell had a nap while the big kids played outside.  Mom wouldn’t go outside for very long.  She has her reasons-big dead mouse/rat on the back deck yesterday that she almost stepped on-needless to say, she watched where she stepped!
  • We had lunch while Mom anxiously watched the weather worrying about the rain.  Graham took a nap and Campbell had another one while Reagan and Anderson watched a few movies.  Soon it was time to load up for the zoo….and it sprinkled the whole way there.
  • The line for the penguins was crazy long but it moved quickly and soon we were seeing the nine penguins (2 girls and 7 boys)  The kids were able to see them so well and even saw them swimming in the water.  I don’t know if Campbell was really able to see the penguins but she noticed the elephants and monkeys.  The penguins were a hit but the true hit was the juice, rice krispie treat and popcorn.
  • We rushed home and changed into our church clothes.  We met Nonna and Pops at a visitation and they hung out with the kids.  Pops took the big three to see the fire trucks parked nearby while Nonna and Campbell hung out in the lobby.
  • Dad dropped Mom off so she could go eat a birthday dinner with some friends.  The kids needed a true supper so they headed to Krispy Kreme.  Fortunately, there wasn’t many people there so they had to place to themselves.  The kids ate a weeks worth of donuts and had a blast. 
  • Back at home, Dad tucked everyone in bed.  Reagan left a note for Mom telling her to wake her up when she came home.  Mom tried but she probably won’t remember in the morning.

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