Dennie Kids: March 20, 2011

Pretty Princess!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan was pretty upset that we weren’t going to stop for Cinna Minis.  Instead we had waffles and lots of syrup which led to Graham having to get a clean shirt and then as we put Campbell in the car, we discovered that she was caked in syrup.  This led to an outfit change in the garage
  • Graham’s man teacher was in his class and Graham walked right in and didn’t even look back at Dad.  Anderson loves Sunday school but was asking if Mr. Greg would be back today (Mom and Dad were there instead).  Campbell wasn’t too excited about going to her class but she didn’t make too much of a fuss.  Reagan had the best time in her class-seeing the chicks, having a snack outside, making a picture and seeing both brothers on the playground.
  • Lunch was at Nonna’s house and the kids ate some and then anxiously awaited dessert-Pops had told them they didn’t have any.  After eating, everyone played for a few minutes and then we headed home for a quick nap.
  • Reagan and Anderson rested and then got up.  Thankfully, they asked Mom to start them another movie and that woke her up (her alarm hadn’t gone off).  Everyone was able to quickly get ready, have a snack and we made it back to church on time.
  • At church, Anderson was on the playground and bumped his nose.  He said it didn’t hurt and he didn’t cry but it did start bleeding.  He said that he tried to hide but then went to tell his teacher to look at his nose.  He said that she said “OH MY!”  Apparently, it caused quite a panic and people even came looking for us (though they knew where we were).  Pops was summoned but all was well.  Anderson really could have cared less and it was no big deal to him. 
  • Back at home, we ate hamburgers, cut hair, gave showers, did two loads of clothes, cleaned the kitchen and living room, Mom packed most things for the kids, we changed into pajamas, Reagan got everyone’s clothes out for tomorrow, said prayers and went to bed (oh and Mom and Dad made some cinnamon rolls)  What a busy evening. 

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