Dennie Kids: March 9, 2011

V \is for Vase!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The morning started off with a bang (or maybe I should say pop) when Mom’s kitchen spoon somehow broke.  Who knew Graham’s bottom was so hard.  The lesson learned was we do not choke our brother.  No worries, a little bit of super glue fixed the spoon but not much can fix the welp on G’s rear
  • We made pancakes for breakfast this morning.  They take it so seriously and love watching Mom flip them.  Even though she doesn’t do it gracefully, they still get a kick out of it.  Reagan noticed Campbell was getting bored and got up to give her some cheerios while she waited on her waffle
  • Everyone played trucks or doll house most of the morning.  While Campbell had her morning nap, Mom read everyone a few books.  Soon Dad was home for lunch and afterwards we worked on our letter Vs.  It is funny to look at the progression of the pictures-Graham’s is all glued on top of each other, Anderson’s is pretty close to what Mom had intended and Reagan’s is right on target.
  • More playing after lunch and then nap time.  Our big excitement after nap was the upstairs smoke alarm going off and going off.  Mom ran to Campbell’s bathroom to check in their and since everything was smoke free she finally had to try to pull it down.  It did stop but now she has a smoke alarm dangling from the ceiling!  The kids were pretty panicked-Mom had to explain that as long as she was calm and not screaming “get out of the house” they were not to worry. 
  • We ate a quick supper and Reagan and Anderson went to Cubbies with Mom while the coughing kids stayed home with Dad.  They tried to stay up to see Reagan and Anderson before bed but they didn’t make it.  When the Cubbie crew made it home, they said they were starving (they weren’t) but they still had a snack before bed

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