St. Patrick’s Day: March 17, 2011

An all out GREEN celebration!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School morning this morning and everyone went to class fine.  Reagan sported her hat for hat day along with a fairly pink/red and shades of bluish eye from her fall yesterday.  It wasn’t too noticeable but still very noticeable once you saw it.  Made Mom think about Reagan in a few years with tons of eye shadow plastered over her eyes.
  • Anderson said that Ms. Wendolyn went to sleep again in his class.  Two days in a row-she must not be used to time change yet.  He didn’t seem to mind though that his teacher was sleeping on the job but he was disappointed that he missed Reagan’s classes hat parade since his class was in the library.
  • Graham’s first words to Mom were “I fussed” and he said it was a big smile on his face.  He is a little con artist and is playing us so Mom and Dad have decided that we will no longer mention his drop off fussing at all.  If that doesn’t work after a few days, we will have to resort to plan B (any suggestions-remember I broke my spoon the other day)
  • Campbell saw Graham on the playground and even went down the slide.  Her teachers said that Graham really loves her and takes care of her.  They also apologized for her clothes since she had a big time crawling around the playground.
  • Graham’s note this afternoon said that Graham was pretty wild today and that she had to say his name a lot and repeat herself a lot.  She also asked if everything was ok.  Mom asked him if he obeyed his teacher and he said yes (in a very honest voice).  Hopefully this won’t happen again because Mom and Dad always get very positive feedback about his behavior at school. 
  • Reagan and Anderson had a picnic at Lilly’s park and had a great time playing all afternoon long.  They played inside and outside and when Graham and Campbell arrived everyone played with the wagon (including trying to push Mom) and then everyone had a turn at swinging.
  • Once we made it home, Campbell had a nap while the others watched a bit of a movie while Mom got things ready for our family night.  Tonight was St. Patrick’s Day Family Night.  Everyone had dressed in green and were pretty proud of their attire.  The first activity of the night was finding the food that the leprechaun had hidden.  The kids followed the clues around the house and finally discovered supper in the microwave. (Click here a picture our celebration 1 year ago.)
  • We had red beans and rice and did have a bit of St. Patrick’s Day touch with green butter for our bread.  After supper, Reagan made another scavenger hunt for the boys and then everyone found a few green things.  We then played a simon says like game of “Lucky Leprechaun” says.  Reagan was great at it, Anderson just couldn’t remember what he was listening for and Graham just followed along.  We then made our lime punch and had green cookies that we had made earlier in the day. 
  • After the cookies, Mom realized that we had left the green jello in the fridge.  So we pulled it out and made a few jello towers.  We then put on pajamas and read a St. Patrick’s Day book.  Reagan remembered a rainbow Mickey Mouse show and since it was on the DVR, they watched it before bed
  • They had a big St. Patrick’s Day and everyone was pretty tired when they went to bed-we only had to go upstairs about 3 times!

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