Dennie Kids: March 30, 2011

Snack Time!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham and Anderson woke up around 6:30 which was really 7:30 to their Eastern time zone selves.  The kids were ready to get downstairs and play with their toys but I made them help me unload a laundry basket full of trip stuff.  It takes a lot longer to tell everyone exactly what to do but it sure is a lot easier
  • Once we made it downstairs, they started playing with their new toys from last night.  It is surprising how much fun they can have with Happy Meal toys.  I think it is great that they don’t have a clue that Happy Meals come with toys-we always sneak them out before they get their food.
  • Dad came home and Grannymom and Grandpa ended up coming over to stay with us while Mom took Dad back to work.  His car was left at work when we went on our trip.  Back at home, Grannymom and Grandpa left and soon it was nap time.
  • Anderson and Reagan played for awhile and then Mom made them lay down-and Anderson fell sound asleep.  Around 4:30, we all started eating supper.  Their choices were pancake on a stick or peanut butter and jelly waffle-Reagan picked the pancake, then changed her mind as it was delivered to her (too late) and as she was whining about eating she said she didn’t like corn dogs.  Graham shouted back at her “it’s not a corn dog!”
  • Graham was Mom’s big boy today.  He wore big boy underwear all day long and didn’t have a single accident-except for during nap time but that doesn’t count.  He even stayed dry in his diaper at church tonight.  Potty training 101 here we come.
  • Soon it was church time and everyone loved their snack (squeeze yogurt) but Graham was so disappointed that Mom forgot to put his vest on.  He really thinks he is as old as Reagan and Anderson-and he knew his verse just as about as well
  • On our way home, we went to Sams to buy 12 cases of water.  The kids couldn’t get why the army men needed so much water but they were happy to help load it and help Dad push the cart.
  • As soon as we were home, it was time to get into bed-the kids are still tired from the trip and a bit fussy but a few more nights of good rest will help!

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