Dennie Kids: March 14, 2011

Wrestling Uncle Jason!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad had to go to work early this morning so Mom took Reagan to school.  The boys and Campbell just stayed at home by themselves-Mom was only gone a bit.  Well, Grannymom did come and stay.  They had breakfast and then started riding their bikes in the garage until Mom rolled in.
  • The boys watched a movie while Campbell played upstairs with Mom.  Soon the boys were back downstairs playing and this is what Mom overheard:  Anderson told Graham to not play with the pink legos because they are “girly.”  Graham said “huh.” And Anderson repeated what he said.  Graham replied with “I like girls” to which Anderson said “Don’t say that again.”  Graham then said “I like Ruthie, she’s a girl” and Anderson shouted back “don’t say that again!”
  • The next adventure was an assessor coming by and measuring the outside of the house.  When he came on the back deck, he knocked down Graham’s windmill.  Anderson told Mom and she said that he would probably fix it when he left but he didn’t.  When Anderson told this to Mom, she said that maybe he didn’t see it.  Anderson replied “but he had eyes!”
  • Soon Dad made it back with Reagan and he also brought lunch which the boys were very thankful for.  They had been asking for at least an hour for lunch.  But before lunch, Mom helped everyone make handprint leprechauns.  Painting Campbell’s hand proved to be very difficult for Mom-Mom ended up wearing more pain than imaginable
  • Playing, books, Reagan’s reading book, Anderson knocking a bookshelf down (no worries, Reagan held it up until Anderson sauntered down the stairs to get Mom), Just pure craziness around here until Dad came home.
  • When Dad made it, we jumped in the car and headed to Nonna’s house for supper.  She had leftover sandwiches and the kids seemed to gobble everything up.  And the cake was a big hit.  Reagan and Anderson played until time to go and Graham spent most of his time playing with Jason’s ipod.  Campbell spent her time showing off how she could let go of the push toy for just a few seconds.

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