Dennie Kids: March 11, 2011

It's getting close to March 17th!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham was up early (6:15) so Dad got up and even made it to work on time.  He even woke Reagan and Anderson up to tell them bye.  Mom offered to tell them bye for him so she could have a few more minutes of quiet.
  • Everyone was ready to eat breakfast and then they were all ready to play.  Mom got everything ready to make our leprechauns.  Campbell wasn’t pleased that Mom didn’t let her have scissors so she screamed until she was promptly put to bed.  Anderson and Graham are beginning to enjoy (or at least stick with) art a little bit more.  And Reagan made Dad’s leprechaun and then made an extra one for Belle the dog.
  • Soon it was lunch time and time for lots of books.  After we said our Cubbie verses, Mom mentioned how part of one verse was in a song from Sunday.  She pulled our her ipod and let the kids listen to it-and they listened to it again and again and again.  Mom finally had to turn it off-a person can only take so much dancing, instruments and singing
  • Nap time didn’t go so well for Graham.  He screamed the entire time.  Finally, he snuck out of his room (snuck being used lightly because he banged/rattled/beat the door for 10 minutes before he finally got it opened).  Once in the hallway, he just sat on the steps and Mom acted like she didn’t see him.  About 20 minutes later, Mom told Reagan and Anderson to start picking up and come down and Graham yelled back “and me? can I come too?”
  • Graham’s afternoon went from bad to good (when Nonna and Pops stopped by to drop by his present-an airplane just as requested) and then it went to worse.  Mom had had enough and just sat him on the front porch.  (Don’t call Scan-she was watching him)  Once Anderson was out there with him and Anderson saw a white car like Dad’s car and said “Graham, we are in real big trouble, real big.”  Graham was outside when Dad came home and soon after refusing to sit on the time out mat, he was sent upstairs for bed at 6!
  • Reagan was pretty devastated that Graham messed up our plans to get an icee but chocolate milk calmed her down.  Mom, Anderson and Reagan read a zillion books tonight while Campbell typed on Dad’s computer, played with her magnet men and rearranged Mom’s tupperware.
  • Soon it was bedtime and Mom has decided that Campbell is never going to walk.  She had a bit of therapy with Dad but mostly just enjoyed watching everyone clap back at her when she clapped her hands.

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