Dennie Kids: March 7, 2011

All Smiles!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan and Dad heading to school early this morning.  Mom, Campbell and the boys told Reagan bye and then the boys started begging Mom to work on the model airplane from Jason.  The boys followed the instructions for the first few steps and then they lost interest.  But they stayed nearby while Mom finished-afterwards, Anderson was so pleased.  He has played with the plane all day long.
  • Jacob came and played for a while at our house today while April ran to her doctor’s appointment.  The boys played together well and enjoyed hauling little trees in the back of their trucks and then making a race car track. 
  • While the boys were playing and Campbell was snoozing, Ms. Susie from church called.  Apparently Reagan had lost her footing and fell climbing to the slide and slipped down and ended up dangling by her arm.  Susie said Reagan had a panicked look but didn’t cry and Ms. Stacy was pretty panicked too.  Mom sent Pops over to do a double check and Reagan was munching on her cupcake and chatting with her friends.  So an all clear was given.  She does have a pretty good bruise and knot on her forearm
  • Back at home, the kids ate their hot dogs while watching Mickey Mouse.  Campbell spent her lunch time smiling, laughing and trying to give Dad her food.  She is pretty snotty today and may not feel that great.  Though she did have a good time playing dollhouse after lunch.
  • After we played awhile it was time for rest.  The kids all rested and Campbell even slept until Mom woke her up at 5.  Everyone else spent their time playing legos.  After supper, Mom and Reagan went to the store (the boys didn’t get to go since they didn’t eat their supper).
  • Back at home, everyone ate the cereal Mom had bought and then went to bed.  This is the second night we can’t find Anderson’s taggie.  Mom quickly cleaned up their room the other day and she must have shoved it somewhere.  We will have to look tomorrow-at least he has his vending machine teddy bear.

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