Dennie Kids: March 3, 2011

Wild game of Hippo, Hippo.
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • School day for half of the crew: Graham and Campbell headed to school while Anderson and Reagan went to Grannymom’s house because Mom had their parent teacher conferences. 
  • Mom was a little concerned about Anderson’s conference.  It could have gone very bad for him but instead it did go very well.  Ms. Wendylyn said that he was precious.  She said that he was always trying to help others and was very intune.  She also said that he would make a great husband and father.  He does need to work on cutting and recognizing a rectangle.  Mom was reminded this afternoon why she doesn’t let him have scissors-he was trying to trim the couch!
  • Reagan’s conference went very well too.  While Anderson had some “e’s” on his report for emerging but Reagan had all “c’s” for completed.  Ms. Stacy said that Reagan has started coming out of her shell-only took her half of a year.  Her teacher was quite impressed with her detailed drawings.  Mom got tickled because little does her teacher know all of the details: Mom had on pants (which she always wears) while Reagan had on a dress (which she always wears)-funny stuff!
  • Back at home, everyone was very tired.  Campbell had skipped her morning nap and took a long afternoon nap.  Anderson was extremely tired (fussy and yell-y) after a few books and a movie all calmed down. 
  • Dad made it home for supper and then we had a game night-3 games.  That is alot for us.  Hungry Hippos, Elefun and Princess Bingo.  Campbell even got in on the act.  She loved Hungry Hippos and played with it even after everyone else had moved to the next game.  Mom let her have a marble to play with since she had her paci in her mouth.  But as soon as she saw it, she spit that paci out and put that marble in her mouth.  Good thing Mom was watching her!
  • All are in their beds now-Graham has just asked to sleep with the blanket over his head. 

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