Dennie Kids: March 19, 2011

Oh Happy Girl!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham spent the night with Nonna and Pops.  In the middle of the night, Nonna woke to see Reagan standing up.  Both boys had rolled and rolled until they had rolled right into her spot and were now sleeping in her spot.  She had no where to lay. 
  • Anderson said that Pops woke him up at 6 because he there was a lego movie on tv.  Graham said that Nonna woke him up but didn’t say when.  They had a big breakfast, played outside and sometime during the morning Anderson even had another bath. 
  • Campbell spent the night in Graham’s bed and Dad heard her talking for awhile before he got her.  He said she was just standing bouncing on the bed.  She still looked for everyone else this morning but soon decided being an only child was pretty good. 
  • Campbell had breakfast, had more breakfast while Mom and Dad worked on their pictures, had a snack and then laid her head on the table-so she had a quick nap before going out to eat.  Campbell had never been out to eat as the only kids and she was quite bored since there were no distractions.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham were eating lunch when Mom and Dad picked them up.  And before they had left, everyone was hot and sweaty again from swinging, sliding and riding bikes.  Anderson has gotten really well at riding his little bike-possibly too brave and too good-Mom needs to start making him wear a helmet!
  • We picked up a few things at Walmart-the boys convinced their Dad to but them toothpaste.  We had run out of their kiddie toothpaste and they demanded more.  When we made it home, Lilly was at our house waiting to show us her frog that she had found.  Everyone looked at the frog, played outside, had a snack and then went back outside.  Lilly stayed over for a few minutes and the kids colored and then went back outside.
  • Cash found out where Lilly was and he didn’t want to miss out, so he came by for a few minutes to play too.  As soon as they left, the neighbor asked Reagan if she could come over.  Reagan nodded her head and they were off.  Reagan jumped and jumped and jumped on their trampoline until Mom called her home. 
  • The neighbor didn’t mention the boys coming over, so Mom wouldn’t let them go and they were pretty devastated.  But milk, candy and movie calmed them down.  When, Mom called Reagan home, the neighbor came too and then everyone went back outside to play more.  They played until they were thirsty and needed a drink. 
  • Then the neighbor invited everyone back to her house and the boys were finally able to jump on the trampoline.  They jumped and jumped and when it was time to get down, the neighbor Momma had to hold Graham because he wanted no where near their dog. 
  • Finally, Mom called everyone home for supper and they ate and ate.  Playing all day long can make you exhausted.  Afterwards, everyone had bath, chocolate milk, movie and then went to bed.  Graham was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes open during the movie.  Campbell climbed up the stairs when Mom mentioned bedtime.  Good good day!

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