April 29, 2011

Brother, Brother
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • The morning began with a royal start.  We watched a bit of the royal wedding.  Reagan was all into it and would have watched every bit.  She was so intrigued with Kate’s dress.  Graham, my lady’s man, kept saying he wanted to see more of the princess.  Anderson said that he wasn’t going to marry a princess but then decided that Campbell would be his princess.
  • By the time we were done with the wedding, put clothes on and had breakfast it was near 10:30.  The kids were ready to get going-we were going to Target and going to spend our garage sale money.  Everyone had 5 dollars-even though it would have taken me 5 minutes to spend 15 dollars, it took us nearly an hour and a half!
  • Reagan picked a white rabbit because Grannymom had a bunny too.  She thought she was going to change her mind and still had to look at each and every toy asking if it was the right price.  Anderson quickly found a toy that matched his space ship set and never waivered.  Graham was just happy looking around at the toys.  I would show him something in his price range and he would shake his head and pick up a large toy and ask if he could buy that.  I would say no and he would just put it back without a fuss.  Finally he settled on a pack of cars but he set it down and I had to search aisle after                                       h
  • When we finally made it home, it was time for lunch.  But first I had to open lots of toys-it was like Christmas around here-or probably the way Christmas should be.  Oh, don’t feel sorry for Campbell, she bought some M&Ms.  I found the Easter candy aisle and we all had a little bit of a treat after our lunch.
  • Next up was playing a bit before nap.  The kids love Mr. Potato Head and played and played with it.  I am thinking I will try to get more pieces when we go back to Disney.  They played so long that Campbell finally laid down on the floor.  Then it was time for a nap for everyone.
  • Reagan was the first one up and enjoyed doing her workbook while Mom worked on her work, work.  Next Graham was up (still dry I might add), the Anderson and Campbell.  They were ready for Robby to come home.
  • When he did we had supper and then went outside to work in the yard.  Reagan found a garden hat with her workgloves and Graham found a construction worker hat for the event.  The hats were dropped pretty quick and they spent their time playing in the backyard while Robby and I worked.
  • Next up was a walk that we had promised them.  Graham constantly asks on our walks “how are we going to get out of here?.  After the walk, we all headed inside for showers-they were pretty stinky…actually we all were.   

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