Branson: April 23, 2011

The Mailman Cometh...
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • It was another restful night-Robby and I are always surprised when we sleep all night long with 6 people in the tiny hotel room.  No one stirred until Graham crawled in bed with us after 7.  Our plan was to go back to Silver Dollar City for the Easter egg hunt but the weather had different plans.
  • It was dreary when we got up but by the time we packed up, the bottom had fallen out.  The kids didn’t seem to mind since Robby said that we would stop by his new office for a few minutes when we got back into town.  A day filled with rides or a day filled with going to see Daddy’s work-about the same to the kids!  On the way home, if we said we were going home or almost home, Graham would become hysterical and start screaming “no, going to Daddy’s work.”
  • We made pretty good time on the way home despite the rain.  We did made a quick stop to pick up some bread.  Robby and I hadn’t eaten breakfast so he snuck back a cinnamon roll for him and a scone for me-delicious.  Normally, with Graham in the front seat he would have seen us chowing down but Anderson was up front this morning and he didn’t notice a thing.  Well, even if he would have, we wouldn’t have been able to hear him with the rain beating down so heavily on the car.
  • We stopped at McDonalds in Clinton on the way home for a potty stop and bite to eat.  Anderson and Reagan saw the Red Box and knew that we could get a movie from there-and we did.  Speaking of pottying-Graham did a wonderful job on the trip going potty.  Now just for me to get brave and make him wear his big boy underwear
  • When we made it to Robby’s work the kids were delighted-bowling, rolling chairs, a big marker board and a huge tv to watch cartoons on.  Even a basketball court to look out at that Robby told them we could come and ride bikes on some day.  They still said my work was better (the ball pit, swing and slide trumps Robby’s cool toys). 
  • Back at home, it was unpack and then rest time.  They were pretty tired so it was after 5 when we had our sandwiches.  Everyone even had mail today-Reagan had a note from Lilly, Anderson had a birthday invitation and Graham had tickets to Disney World!  Next up was a walk to Grannymom’s house-we had to deliver her bread.  Graham walked the whole way over and Campbell kicked her feet in the wagon the whole way-guess she thought she was walking too
  • After a few snacks at Grannymom’s and then time swinging it was time to head home.  No one wanted to go home but the bathtub was calling there name.  Baths were quick, then time for bed-Graham is still going strong-surprise!

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