Dennie Kids: April 11, 2011

Batter, batter, batter.....
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Dad told Graham that he would get more ice cream if he didn’t fuss (Dad is at the point that he would buy him ice cream every day until he graduates from high school).  Graham didn’t fuss and he even told Mom that Dad said he could have “ice cream and two oreos for not fussing”
  • Nonna picked up Anderson and Reagan from school and they even managed to earn some money by helping Papaw in the garden.  They came home and were hot, sweaty and covered in dust-so Mom sent them back outside.
  • When Dad came home, we had supper and then everyone was ushered upstairs to get reacquainted with our bathtubs.  The girls in one and the boys in another-and unfortunately Campbell left a deposit in on tub which caused for lots of excitement!
  • Uncle Jason came over to see everyone’s new rooms (pictures are yet to be hung).  The boys were pleased to play with Jason and everyone enjoyed him reading a scary story to them.
  • Next up was our first night of opening our Resurrection Eggs-Anderson opened the donkey and it was quite exciting for everyone.  Meanwhile, my little insomniac was going strong waiting for Reagan to come to her room.  Campbell fussed when Reagan wasn’t giving her enough attention so Campbell was relocated back to the bathroom.


jasonandjennyt said...

Is there ever a boring day in the Dennie house? :) I'm so impressed with the way you guys are able to keep up with all your kids AND write/put up pictures on your blog everyday. Have you guys added more bedrooms to your house?

jasonandjennyt said...

Is there EVER a boring moment at the Dennies' house? I'm so impressed at how you're able to keep up with all your kids and still write/post pictures on your blog everyday. Did you guys add more bedrooms to your house?