April 20, 2011

There's an "X" here somewhere!
Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)
  • After a restful night, the kids woke up and Graham was in a mood.  Anderson took over our bed and our tv.  I ended up laying on the boys’ floor and soon Robby came in to.  Next Graham took his comforter off of me and wrapped up with it while shouting at Robby “don’t talk to me.”
  • He didn’t get out of his mood until spending most of the early morning in the pack n play.  The other kids didn’t seem to mind the screaming or the banging (the screaming was from Graham and the banging was my head against the wall!  Ha!)  After Graham was released from the pack n play, he was in a much better mood
  • The kids helped pack up a few things for the trip and then we worked on our letter Xs and then our letter Easter eggs.  Soon Campbell was up from her nap and we had our lunch in muffin tins.  The kids asked “is this snack” and after they were told it was lunch they were so excited.  Seriously, who knew that strawberries, cereal, eggs and cheese in a muffin tin could be so exciting.
  • Nonna came over to show us her purchases.  Graham was ready for Nonna to go home-in his mind, when she left he could get his milk.  Anderson did not want Nonna to leave and cried the whole time Reagan read a book to Nonna.  And then after she left, Anderson continued to cry and cry.  He said  that he missed his Nonna.  Poor guy, he just needed a nap
  • Reagan was the first one up and soon I had lost track of time and we were scrambling around trying to get our clothes on and get ready for church.  Robby made it home just in time for the madness.  We didn’t even have time for supper and had to stop by Sonic on the way home.  Graham said he didn’t want to eat at Sonic and that it was yucky.  Then once we drove up, he shouted “oh, oh, this place, I love this place”
  • Next up was Cubbies and everyone had a pretty good time except for Graham who has now started fussing at church instead of school.  Oh, well, that isn’t too bad.  Once we came home, it was quickly time for bed!

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