Dennie Kids: April 10, 2011

Super Time!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone slept well last night and the boys were the first ones to wake up at 6:15.  They are both our early risers and the girls are our sleepers so maybe this will work out well. 
  • Graham didn’t fuss today walking into Sunday school (or Sunday night) and even though he didn’t fuss last week I am still surprised.  Reagan saw Grandpa before church and then was so pleased when she turned around and saw Grannymom sitting in church too. 
  • Grannymom had lunch and afterwards the kids enjoyed playing outside.  Campbell even got in on the act and crawled around all over.  Things will be so much easier when she can walk….well, maybe things will be easier!
  • At home, it was naptime.  We tried things differently today-Reagan in her room, Campbell in the bathroom, Anderson in my room and Graham on the top bunk (just crossing our fingers that he didn’t fall out today at nap).  Nap went well.  Reagan got up at 3 and came downstairs to watch a movie, she squeezed in between Mom and Dad who were snoozing on the couch, got her own snack (a piece of bread, chips and then a lollipop) and even woke Mom up after her show. 
  • Rushing off to church for a bit and then heading back home.  We drove around some on the way home and were our in the boonies.  Graham noticed and was pretty worried about “how are we going to get out of here?”  When we turned onto Chenal, he was relieved and said “we got out of here!”-such a city boy!
  • Coming home for supper and then a bit of playing until bedtime.  And it again went surprisingly well-except Graham doesn’t like any lights when he goes to sleep and Anderson needs a night light.  Hmm, how do we compromise on that!?

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