Dennie Kids: April 14, 2011

First Water Play Time of 2011

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day and everyone decides to sleep in. In a twist, the girls were up this morning and they were both in a good mood.  Dad had to wake the boys to get dressed and ready for school
  • Scrambling around and we were all out of the office by 8:05; Graham has become quite the big boy at school. This morning he requested Dad take him to his class first before dropping off Campbell (a first!)
  • Grannymom & Grandpa picked up Reagan and Anderson for lunch at their house and a little time to play before Mom, Graham and Campbell were by to pick everyone up
  • After a little bit of playtime at home in the back yard, everyone was DIRTY!  Mom decided the weather was nice enough for a little water hose time.  There was a bit of shivering going on when it was time to come inside and change clothes but all of them said it was worth it.
  • Dad was home pretty soon and it was time to eat... no one was too thrilled about leftover sloppy joe's but they did like the drink yogurt Mom picked up at the store
  • Mom headed off to Bunko and the kids talked Dad into getting off the couch to play.  A little football was order, followed by kitchen time with Campbell and topped off with a couple of movies.  Graham was tired because he asked to go to bed before Reagan and Anderson.  So he and Campbell were in bed first and the big kids finished their second movie before prayer and bedtime.  Everyone asked for Mom to wake them up when she gets home (she usually does but they are so asleep they seldom remember!)
  • Everyone must have been tired because there were no curtain calls or requests tonight (or maybe that's just because they knew Mom was gone!)

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